High Velocity Bowling Getting Move and 3D Enabled Retail Release?

High Velocity Bowling released back in December of 2007 and utilized SIXAXIS motion support to provide a realistic bowling experience. The game was set to try for the spare, adding PlayStation Move support. However, a retail release may instead be aiming for the strike with both PlayStation Move and 3D support.

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BigPete79782964d ago

I never picked it up on PSN when it first launched. How is it?

T3mpr1x2964d ago

It's pretty fun, even online if you can get a game going. I imagine it will be easier to play now, the SIXAXIS implementation had you holding the controller in a slightly awkward way...

guitarded772964d ago

Yeah, I bought it while it was $5 with the PS+ discount. I figured it would be a good game to play when I get Move. It's actually fun online... using the SIXAXIS is not really functional like T3mpr1x said, and the characters say the same lines over and over, but I can see it really working well with Move. There's more than just standard bowling there, and the online make it worth my $5 investment, but the $40 the article mention is BS... I would not pay that.

Sev2964d ago

It looks like Move support for HVB won't be free. This is the first paid PlayStation Move support I've heard of, so I guess it makes sense for them to release it at retail.

Trexman892964d ago

40 bucks seems high for an old game like this

T3mpr1x2964d ago

Yeah, but then it comes will a bunch of DLC.

T9X692964d ago

@T3mpr1x - Yea it was also free on about 10/12 of my Qore subscription episodes. This game has been given out for free so much, that $40 is a bit steep, DLC or not. They should just patch it for free, but noooo you have to be PS+ subscriber. Talk about squeezing as much cash out of a simple PSN title as you can.

NegativeCreepWA2964d ago

That actually pisses me off, I've owned the game since it released and was wanting to play it with move.

guitarded772964d ago

The Move support will be free for PS+ subscribers on the 21st Sev.

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SexyPrawns2964d ago

I'm not paying $40 to get a game I've had for years...but with Move support. They'd have to add a LOT! I already have all the DLC.

2964d ago
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