Coming 9/21 to US PlayStation Plus

PS.Blog writes:
"As we said in our last preview post, there will now be a two week heads up for the exciting content coming to PlayStation Plus subscribers. With that said, let’s get into our packed update for September 21."

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MikeGdaGod2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

yeah i've been waiting on Zen the Move add-on for bowling is great too.

but does that mean u have to pay for the Move add-on if ur not a plus subscriber??? that would suck

Gamerbee2987d ago

Real Talk! Thats all I want

avengers19782986d ago

Zen pinball is something i've been wanting to check out and now I will.

mugoldeneagle032986d ago

I still haven't subscribed though since every free game they've given out so far I already own. But thats quickly coming to an end, and I'll probably start my subscription in a month or two, when hopefully some betas start

I have to admit though, they've given out some great content and is definitely worth $50

Troll_Police2987d ago

I already bought Zen Pinball :(

guitarded772987d ago

Yeah, me too and Wipeout HD and Critter Crunch... but I still like getting something shiny and new to download. Really digging the Warhawk Dynamic theme and the Move compatibility for High Velocity Bowling will give me something to play with the Move besides Sports Champions.

ViperX22986d ago

Ya me too :(

The only free game(besides the minis) that I didn't own was Wipeout HD. This really sucks!

Miraak82 2987d ago

the longer u have ps+ , the more your rewarded

mushroomwig2986d ago

Exactly! You read my mind completely, it's just a shame that some people seem to think PS+ is supposed to give you everything at once otherwise it's a failure.

Dave13512986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

No people just think their supposed to give you actually good stuff. sadly thats not happening

Im a member and its pretty sad what their offering

Nitrowolf22987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

great stuff but here i thought with Plus service you are gareenteed beta access
and now i find out it is selected Plus members, i mean shouldn't all plus members have the same benifits?
o well there still some good stuff to nab

darkdoom30002987d ago

Well... the reason betas have limited numbers is because of the servers. If they get too much people in, the servers are gonna crash.

Gilliand2987d ago

Yeah there probably is around atleast a million + subscribers, don't most closed betas only take 10k people at first?

TooTall192986d ago

They don't need every PS+ member to test the game. It's the dev's choice.

T9X692987d ago

"Finally, a select number of PlayStation Plus subscribers will be returning to Mars for some vehicular combat in the Red Faction Battlegrounds beta. Select users will be notified via an XMB message and email."

WTF I thought they said by signing up for PS+ you get exclusive beta access, not exclusive chance to have beta access. This is the only thing that really made me want to get PS+, but if they are going to pull that crap I'll keep my $50.

Babypuncher2987d ago

if you had bothered to read the comments section, your complaint was already answered directly:

"Loserkid | September 8th, 2010 at 5:05 pm
Pretty good… I’m a bit concerned with the Beta thing tho.. select number? Doesn’t say how many will have access to it.. I’m looking forward to many of the coming comments on this…

Grace Chen | September 8th, 2010 at 6:23 pm
Sizes of betas vary for different reasons, based on what the developer needs. There are sometimes certain criteria that need to be met, which leads to limited numbers."

So if the number of people allowed in a certain beta are limited, it's not necessarily sony's fault, it could be the developer.

despair2987d ago

and they said chance to get into betas not guarantee, plus if there are a 5 million subscribers, you really think they will give 5 million people access to each beta, not viable most times.

nycredude2986d ago

Why are you guys wasting your breath with trolls?

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