Let the PlayStation Move Deals Begin

With PlayStation Move only days away, retailers will start offering special deals when you buy a PlayStation Move bundle. Today one retailer has made the first ‘Move’, by offering some great deals on any PlayStation Move bundles and accessories.

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Wobbuffet2966d ago

I already pre-ordered mine. I'm suprised they are offering deals on a product which has already sold out on pre-orders (Well at least in my country they have).

The less us consumers pay the better right?

ExPresident2966d ago

I haven't made up my mind about getting it. I 'want' it but dunno if I 'need' it lol. At any rate I'll enjoy companies battling it out for my $.

DarkTower8052966d ago

I will probably just buy the PS3 Eye used and get 2 Move controllers. That will save me some cash, as I really don't have any interest in Sports Champions.

nevin12966d ago

Should already be half priced. Its been out for yrs but its still cost $49.99?

nycredude2966d ago

Bro just get teh bundle you end up with the eye for $10.

Oner2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

@ nevin1 ~ The PS Eye brand new is $39.99 & $24.99 Used from Gamestop. It was also NEVER $49.99.

But on topic of PS Move deals...This is a great deal from Target but I was recently offered one by the BestBuy RewardZone Gamer Club (via an email promo) that was pretty good which said if I purchased any 2 games, accessories or PC titles priced $39.99 & above I would get a $25 Gift Card. So I dumped my pre-order from Gamestop and did a pre-order purchase of

1 - PS Move Bundle
1 - PS Move additional Controller

To get the $25 Gift Card to put that toward the NavController (+$5). So I basically get 2 Moves, 1 PS Eye, 1 Nav & Sports Champion for $155 or so (perfect combo for everything I could need). But the best part is I was already close to reaching a $10 BB Rewards Zone Gamer Certificate and with this current purchase it gives me an additional $10 BB Rewards Zone Gamer Certificate!

Which I might use towards the Gran Turismo 5 Collector's Edition...maybe...depends on if I really want the Bonus stuff from Gamestop. Either way I still have the additional $20 @ BB on top of all the savings/deal I got! This Target promo is probably the better overall deal, but this way works out fine for me as well.

M-Easy2966d ago

@ Oner
I got that same deal it wasn't a special rewardzone deal it was just a bargin for that week.

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2966d ago
fuckitimout2966d ago

cooooooool I want one and I'm willing to pay alot of money for what the wii does better! Thanks sony!

ExPresident2966d ago

I don't agree that the wii does it better at all, if it did we'd see better games on the Wii.

Army_of_Darkness2966d ago

Are you an uncover 360 fanboy pretending to defend the wii? HAHAHA! How sad...

fuckitimout2966d ago

not the console per se. Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

fuckitimout2966d ago

no I just like messing with fanboys on here and get a reaction out of them. Like how I got one out of you mwuhahahaha!

Army_of_Darkness2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

You sneaky little bastard!! your lucky I'm a PS3 owner and not a Fanboy... Otherwise your soul would be mine!! to crush!!! Like a fat man at a smurf village!!

Lucreto2966d ago

Why doesn't europe get any of these special deals. It is so unfair.

YourFlyness2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

Soicalism vs Capitalism

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