I’m Offended At Those Offended by Medal of Honor’s Inclusion of the Taliban

Koku writes: "I can’t help but shake the feeling that humanity has no hope. At least when it comes to video games, people being offended by something seems to spark huge controversies even when they will effect their lives in zero ways. This time, it’s about Medal of Honor one of my favorite World Wars II FPS franchises getting the Modern Warfare treatment and bumped up into current times."

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cain1412960d ago

I'm glad MoH is going modern...

XANDEO2960d ago

Bet ea's quietley smiling over all the free publicity this games getting.

Red_Orange_Juice2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

I'm super glad about this Taliban aspect of the game, just so all the protesters can go mad and the game still be released, they can whine all they want.

it's just a game, 18+ game. deal with it. you have no right to restrict my entertainment you bunch of "tv-slut" no-lifes

Wobbuffet2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

Taliban, Al-queda, ETA, IRA, Nazi's. All the same, all been portrayed in videogames, are all the same terrorist fanatic militants, so why is the media making a fuss over the taliban inclusion?

makes no sense, people weren't complaining about the first gulf war inclusion in video games 4 years after it started, hell, the japanese don't even complain when we portray them as the bad guys in games, yet people complain about a video game with the taliban. Pff.


I don't see what the fuss is all about... The people that should be complaining are those being portraied as bad guys when they obviously don't believe they are such a thing (not saying I agree with then), yet I only see western soccer moms and sue happy lawyers arguing over this shit.

I'm much more offended at people prejudice over some ethnic group or a government declaring war to a country, violating an entire population human's rights, with the argument they had to take in some terrorists that don't necessarily hold any relation to such country's government or represent considerable ammount of its people.

Still, you don't see me complaining how those videogames prejudice all mid-eastern people to terrorists, it's just a game... And actually this one doesn't. They specify Taliban, unlike CoD generic ''arab soldiers''.

Is that the Taliban word that this people are complaining at? You can kill Arabs on a game, but they can't be called Taliban? It can't be featured in a game, which supposedely (to those unresponsible parents) is a media of children enterteinment? This is as ridiculous as those words you can't say on TV to not offend some people, but you can inply or even show what they refer to, so you can keep all others watching.

Ziriux2960d ago

Me too and see nothing wrong with playing as Taliban.

StartWars2960d ago

All this controversy should amount to good publicity.

Brewski0072960d ago

Thats what they're saying about the stig too , isnt that right Jezza !! :P

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The story is too old to be commented.