New DSi Firmware Disables a Few Flash Carts

Nintendo have finally released a new firmware update for the DSi and in an effort to combat piracy, the update disables a certain flash carts.

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ShadyDevil3014d ago

F Piracy. People who do it are lame. Buy the games. enjoy the games..and support the industry.

Kemicalbeliefs3014d ago

Just watch sales of DSi's plummet. I know particularly in Europe, nearly everyone orders the flash card before they even buy the DS.
Once they, quite rightly, stop this possibility, the sales of DS will diminish.

LeShin3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

Probably. But while sales of the DSi will be initially good for Nintendo, game sales have obviously decreased, so game developers would be less inclined to make games therefore, less and less games to pirate, which would eventually make the sales of Dsi's diminish!

lol ah, the vicious circle of piracy.

KratosGirI3014d ago

Oh look. Nintendo is copying Sony once again.

They're so pathetic and they seriously need to start thinking on their own instead of mooching away from Sony.


On-topic: That's good to hear, but I'm pretty sure it's not gonna stop flashcart devs from releasing an update to bypass this one.

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