Q&A: How Randy Pitchford Saved Duke Nukem Forever

Think you’re excited about the return of cigar-chomping space marine Duke Nukem? You’ve got nothing on Randy Pitchford.

A year ago, it looked like Duke Nukem Forever was finally dead. The perennial Vaporware Awards winner, in the works since April 1997, couldn’t be completed since Dallas-based developer 3D Realms shut its doors and laid off its entire staff. Publisher Take-Two Interactive responded by suing 3D Realms parent company, Apogee Software.

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Sheikh Yerbouti2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

Even if he isn't, I hope his wife gives him that Chilean miner...

y'know, go down the shaft and don't come up until Christmas.

Wobbuffet2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

Randy pitchford is a freaking legend, like me, wobbuffet

MetalFreakMike2963d ago

Everyone that loves FPS and Duke, should buy this game and not pirate it. We have to show support for what these guys did and for the love of gaming. They are taking a big risk with everything that has happened but from what I seen on the videos, I think it's going to pay off for these guys. Also, if it sells then we get another Duke game, so everyone wins.

Redempteur2963d ago

he did a good thing to let them finish their work ...but i dunno all this wait all those challenges , i dunno how got DNF can be at this point ...

Death2963d ago

Kind of a bugger to get running on Windows 7, but it's still a blast to play. Can't wait for Duke Nukem Forever. :)


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