PTSD or Weakness: Real Experts on why Samus didn't Shoot

Stephen Kelley of Gamrfeed talks with an Army Veteran and a psychologist on their views on Samus's now infamous breakdown in "Metroid other M".

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BeardedGamerShow4474d ago

Brilliant article, I hope this gets some nasty commenters eating their words about this controversial Other M scene.

CombatEvolving4474d ago

You can't portray someone as an all out badass and then in one game turn them into an overly emotional train wreck.

TheROsingleB4474d ago

Who is to say that she wasn't an emotional wreck prior to this game? They may not have showed signs of it during older games because most of them were pretty void of any hard back round story for Samus other than "Bounty Hunter. Metroids. Mother Brain. Pew Pew Pew."

digitaledge4474d ago

As I've said in my comment further down, Other M is a prequel to the Prime Series (and more), and is set just after Super Metroid.

It IS possible that Samus has learned to control/conquer her feelings/fears by the Prime games.

I would imagine that her reaction is kind of similar to the likes of Michael Myers sister in the Halloween movies. She 'kills' him, and the next time she sees him, she is frozen with fear. Every other time she sees him after that, she's like 'Oh, here we go again'! lol

HowarthsNJ4474d ago

What other reason could there be?

EvilTwin4474d ago


She's still portrayed as an all-out badass. Just look at what she does in the game.

They are just using words now to explain the character. And to be honest, it's been this way, even within the game. Samus shows her emotional immaturity all the way back in Return of Samus. She can't bring herself to finish the job, leaves one baby Metroid alive, illegally transports it back to the Galactic Federation, and what happens? Comes back to bite her.

That's followed up by Super, when the baby Metroid is kidnapped. What does Samus do? She makes a rash decision and follows Ridley directly to Zebes, where she finds a much more dire situation than she anticipated. As a result, she has her ass handed to her by both the hatchling and Mother Brain.

Samus is indeed a badass. But she isn't invincible. And she has more emotional baggage that would take waaaaaaaay longer to get into (think if you were someone who lived your life all alone taking suicide missions). For some reason, people don't want to see that portrayed.

stragomccloud4474d ago

Did you even read the article??? PSTD
I have a friend who works for San Diego County as part of the mental health team. He works with survivors of torture refugees and soldiers coming back from service. From what my buddy says, the game is pretty accurate in it's depiction of a case of PTSD.

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ReservoirDog3164474d ago

You know, I'm not the biggest Metroid fan but this actually made me want to play Other M.

stragomccloud4474d ago

Remember? It's been called ignorant and disrespectful to voice and think such things. Therefore, the people that thought that way before will continue to ignorantly believe that.

TheGameLlama4474d ago

Well this is... really good stuff. Awesome.

bmw694474d ago

Great and insightful article - journalism at its finest

Kantor4474d ago (Edited 4474d ago )

Somewhat overanalytical, but I fully agree that the soldiers who have been scarred by battle deserve more respect and attention. Very good interview, as well, though.

Braineater24484474d ago

Great article. Thanks for the insight.

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