Top Ten Video Game Music YouTube Performances

Television and mainstream media have long taken a harsh stance towards video games and the culture surrounding them. They prefer not to talk about the medium as a whole, and when they do, they nearly always seek to cast video game culture in a negative light. Long has video game music also been lambasted by the mainstream as a medium inferior to that of "real" music. Sure, game soundtracks started out on technically limited hardware, but those early hardware limitations often helped to bring melody to the forefront.

Game soundtracks have evolved leaps and bounds since those formidable years. It has taken the gradual downfall of the mainstream media establishment and the rise of internet culture to bring video game musical scores into the mainstream, and ultimately it was the fans themselves that have stood at the front lines providing the performances of their favorite video game tunes for the world to hear in a new light. Here's ten of the best performances to date.

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