Why Is The PS3 So Far Behind the Competition?

The Sony's Playstation 3 has been in the market for about 9 months now and it has sold about 4.16 million consoles to the consumers. Microsoft's Xbox 360 has sold 10.43 million consoles and the Nintendo Wii has sold 10.41 million consoles to the consumers, now why is the PS3 so far behind? Nintendo has gotten the casual market with its ever so popular Nintendo Wii and Microsoft got first to the market with their XBOX 360 and the developers have gotten more developing time on it than the PS3 and a bigger user base. Now, that leaves Sony, there are many reasons for this, here are a few of them.

"The News and Media: The news and media have been against the PS3 since the start of it. They have always been reporting news that is false and information that is against the PS3. They have said that the PS3 does not have all the functions of the X360 etc., but now with almost all that is over people will see that the PS3 is actually a good console. "

Xbox 360 Will5762d ago

1 Year Headstart for Xbox 360
Cheap introductory price for Nintendo Wii

PS3 will lead by 2009.

steriotyp5762d ago

Good article, but poorly written in terms of proper literacy.

QuackPot5762d ago (Edited 5762d ago )

<< xbox 360 >>
20 months old. A year headstart with NO NEXT GEN COMPETITION, medium price level, large library of games and matured net service. Now competing with Wii & Ps3.

<< Wii >>
9 months old. The lowest price, unique gameplay, now competiting Ps3 & xbox 360

<< Ps3 >>
9 months old. The most expensive, small library of games, new net service, now competiting with cheap Wii and medium priced xbox 360 with its establish library and net service.


And yet the Ps3 is still able to sell 4+ million unit in 9 months. If only it had a year with no competition.

So far behind? I think not.

Gizmo_Logix5762d ago


The dude makes good points. But is clearly not a journalist (grammar). Most of his points we already know about.

ASSASSYN 36o5762d ago

Oh! cry me a river. Explain the wii using that 1 year explanation.

secret5761d ago (Edited 5761d ago )

When you can't win on competency, depending on what kind of person you are, you'll try to win by cheating and slandering and "secret handshakes." Perhaps the media are just patriotic to american brands or own shares of stock in Microsft. That's why they have been and still are lying about the PS3. It's going to be hard, if not impossible to shed the PS3's bad reputation now, that's for sure. For instance, the NEW YORK TIMES actually called the PS3 a bust right at launch. Do you think it's fair to judge a system on launch day as if it has only one day to live to prove itself? What do you think was the intent of this New York Times journalist? One of the reasons, this NYT journalist claims? He said the 360 has rumble in its controller and the PS3 doesn't. But here comes the shady, immoral part of the journalist. You tell me if you agree if it's unethical or not. In comparing the two controllers between the 360 and the PS3 and their advantages, he never once brought up the SIXAXIS motion sensor during the evaluation. Yes, you heard me. In other words, he hid features from the PS3 to make the PS3 look worse. You tell me if he is shady or not. Let him babysit your kid? No way. Even for book or movie reviews, I don't read the New York Times anymore because I don't trust them. Unethical abuse of the only power they hold. Trust. I'll take that power away from them, from me that is. I won't read their articles anymore. Can't trust them after this.

Here's the funny thing about price. It's not because the PS3 is overpriced, it's because the purchase requires math, and the 360 people don't know how. They say that they'll go where the games are. But what about the movies? Right now, all the movies are on Bluray. Because the 360 doesn't do Bluray playback, they'll eventually have to buy a standalone bluray player (and / or HD-DVD player) when they're ready to move into hi-definition movies if they want to see all popular movies. For example, Superbad, Spiderman 1,2,3, Bad Boys, Star Wars, Helloby, and so on. In either case, unless they're planning to stick to the HD-DVD add-on with one of the lowest picture quality in the world (according to EGM / Februaray 2007 / Issue# 212 / page 35) and it's limited supply of movies provided by Universal, they'll be forced to buy a bluray player and / or some HD-DVD player at some point. They may be clapping and happy now because they think they got a good deal, but they just don't realize how dumb they are when they walk into best buy to search for a decent bluray player or HD-DVD player when they're ready to forgo DVD and don't realize that this separate purchase on a separate day is actually a purchase that the 360 forced on them because the 360 lacks movie playback. PS3 owners are set. And because the PS3 is the most valued Bluray player out there and because 360 owners are gamers, they'll most likely opt for the PS3 as the standalone bluray player, when they get smart enough to see the deal. It'll be funny if they buy a PS3 and then buy a standalone Bluray player and then an HD-DVD player with no movies on it. I'm sure some of them will. And by that time, they've added up to $200-$300 in internet fees. Over time, 360 owners will contribute to the death of HD-DVD, ironically when they buy bluray players. They can't even forsee this extra purchase maybe a year down the line and that they're actually the ones who will contribute to the fall of HD-DVD.

But price really isn't the main issue. It's quality. If you want to talk about pricing, you can't really compare the two systems. One is a lemon and the other is Thanksgiving feast with roasted drumsticks and potatoes to match. One has to cost more than the other. But fortunately, they're pretty much the same price. EGM says the 360 has the worse HD-DVD movie playback on the market. And after three and a half years of life, it earned only 11 game awards from E3 judges out of the millions and millions of games out there that they tout as a selling point. However, 11 out of a million something games over three and half years sugges that not only does their hardware focus more on QUANTITY OVER QUALITY, but also their software philosophy. The PS3 in turn, less than a year old and still just an infant, musterd up 8 awards from the E3 judges, with one receiving top honors for best graphics and the other for originality. That suggests to me that not only is the quality of the PS3 hardware better, so is the software. I mean, less than a year old with only a handful of games, it won 8 compared to more than three years of life and over a million games with only 11 awards and no top honors in graphics or originality. Clearly, quality is the issue, not quantity. Price is not the issue. Quality is the issue. And of course, a quality thanksgiving feast should cost more than a lemon. Again, fortunately, they're pretty much the same price here. I mean, c'mon. The PS3 does PS3 games, PS2 games, PS1 games, XBOX360 games that I'd really want anyways that being ported over, Cell, $1000 bluray player quality playback, $1000 Denon DVD player quality playback, CD playback, SACD playback, MP3, SD cards, Memory Sticks, Compact Flash cards, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, USB mouse and keyboard, PC streaming, Linux PC, Ethernet, quietness, one piece design rather than a clucky two piece thing that won't fit in the entertainment center, now power brick taking up plug space, motion sensor controls, folding, free internet play, home, internet browsing, [email protected] (which is the only way to get movie theater motion if you have the right tv set), HDMI 1.3 (more colors and sound than the HDMI used in the xbox360), and much much more. What does the XBOX360 do? Limited xbox compatibility. Loud noises. Malfuntions. power brick. Face swaps. PC processors. Rumble. And at what price?

In addition, if the 360 is really a high quality machine with good games, then can it compete against the PS3 if it were to raise it's prices to the same price level as the PS3? Put the 360 price at the same price as the PS3, and let's see how well it can compete against the Playstation 3. I think the PS3 will eat it alive. That's why Microsoft is competing on price and shady business practices and "secret handshakes" with the media and developers rather than on features and raw power. In a way, it's cowaring like the Nintendo Wii in the low price game because it's afraid of the PS3 GIANT Monster of a machine. Raise the 360's price to PS3's level and we'll see how tough it really is rather than hiding behind a "fake" low price like a chicken manure. The 360 is really an expensive machine for something that only plays video games. But then most xbox360 owners hate to do math or do it incorrectly. So, it won't matter that they're paying more for one lemon. They're happy. Even when the xbox is trying to look more and more like a PS3 each day with a new black paint and HDMI inputs and cooler and quieter features. Why doesn't the PS3 strip away the Cell for PC processors, the bluray playback, the higher dvd playback, the PS2 and PS1 compatiblity, add swappable faceplates, add a huge power brick, add an ulgy two piece build with low quality hardware and call itself the MOST ELITE PS3 ever and charge $300-$400 for it. xbox360 people can't do the math (they're the ones with the glazed eyes in algebra and Trignometry whiel they laught at their peers earning straight A's who tend to study more than play video games. They'll think it's a bargain now.

The PLAYSTION 3 isn't overprice. XBOX360 people don't want to or don't know how to do the math and thinking. That doesn't mean that they are bad people though.

Microsoft even fooled them into thinking that DVD is hi-definition. You hear xbox360 owners talking about 1080p now. But since when is DVD-9 hi-definition? Why don't you just keep your old upscaling DVD player and forget about HD-DVD or Bluray if that's the case? Now, most of them will probably get cannibalized because they'll want to upgrade their sytems to version 1.1111 or 1.2113 with the coolor fans or whatever. While the PS3 people just stand their and look at them.

Fools are happy people. They're happy because they don't realize they are fools.

People say that there are no games on the PS3? But quality is the issue. Still an infant, it already won 8 awards from only a hanful of PS3 games out. Two of which won top honors - one for graphics and the other for originality. This is better than 11 games out of 1million, isn't it? And what about the large library of PS2 and PS1 games like Metal Slug Anthology, or Final Fantasy x11 and god of war 2 that I've never played? It has almost full compatibility with PS2 and PS1 games, not a half ass list of games from the xbox with minimal compatibility. Considering I've never owned a PS2 or PS1, this is a real bargain. All those games like X-MEN3 and stuff are like less than $19 nows.

But xbox360 people can be kind and good. So don't be offened. If you are, I'll apologive now and take back all I've said.

Maddens Raiders5761d ago

there are a couple of items in there in relation to millions of XBox games and awards...

But overall you echo a lot of things I've been saying since day one, and that a lot of other people already know.

Quality over Quantity? Yes, anyday.

Nice work.

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Jdash245762d ago

if you line up sales of the ps3 and 360 since launch you'll see their about the same, at this point in time the ps3 has better and a wider variety of games than the 360 did in its first few months, so the ps3 is actually doing quite well its just people keep comparing it to the wii which is selling like crack and another console that has released games that fully utilize the console, the ps3 is just getting started

ISay5762d ago

360 and ps3 had the same games up to this point for its price point the ps3 is doing very well no system has every cost this much and stayed competive

Anything but Cute5762d ago (Edited 5762d ago )

But PS3 is not in a sprint. I think the PS3 is a console that will last for along time and you're begining to see signs of this already.

Maybe I'm wrong but 360 fans don't seem as confident anymore about statements like PS3 is dead it's going under.

toughNAME5762d ago

but im still pretty confident is has no games :S

DJ5762d ago

And it's already selling Xbox 360 on a weekly basis. 2007 Holiday is going to be very strong for Sony's system, and 2008 is looking to be completely dominated by the PS3. PS1 and PS2 both had slow starts, but huge growth spurts about 10~12 months in. PS3 looks to be no different.

MaximusPrime5762d ago

i bow down to PS3.

PS3 will rule next year.

Anything but Cute5762d ago

It's about this year. And I think it will be interesting to see how PS3 holds it's own this year. They can't afford to fall behind that much more. I think this year is more important to PS3 than next year.

TheExecutive5762d ago

this year is important to the PS3... however, next year the ps3 will own hands down. the 360 doesnt have a prayer next year. The more i look at the games this year for sony (warhawk, HS, Lair, R&C, Uncharted) the more i understand that these unproven franchises wont lead to a victory this year for the PS3. However, next year is where the proven franchises come out and the fun will really begin. Mark my words, the PS3 will do great this winter, the 360 will do better- halo will ensure that. However, come next year the ps3 will dominant the market in such a way everyone will be saying "told you so" "I knew the PS3 had it all along". Blah blah blah.

I know xbots will love the first part of my statement. I know sonyboys will love the second part. However, both groups will disagree with some of my statement and thats what most likely makes it true. So thats my 2 cents... keep it.

eLiNeS5762d ago (Edited 5762d ago )

you can dream about next year all you want, no one is stopping you.

Vertius5762d ago

Good post, a bubble for thee.

People are poo-pooing the PS3's performance for this year, and I believe that it's folly to do so. There is little doubt that the 360 will sell better than the PS3 this Christmas, but it'll still sell very well. Sony's estimate of 11 million doesn't seem too far off, although it will be lower.

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