Gamereactor: Sports Champions review

Jonas Elfving writes: "Sports Champions is perhaps better at demonstrating the capabilities of Move, than it is as an actual game. The characters, and presentation are very anonymous, but if you want to get an idea of what Playstation Move is all about - then it does the job."

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Ivan Drago IV2962d ago

Gamereactor is a joke. Always have been. I miss the days when reviewers actually rated a game based on fun factor.

DarkTower8052962d ago

The writer stated many times that the games in Sports Champions aren't that fun, and the ones that are fun get old quick. You don't have to be defensive, and if you look at other reviews, it seems mostly everyone thinks the same.

Sports Champions is just a casual game to introduce players to the Move, that's why it's bundled with the accessories. SC was never meant to be a AAA title, those AAA are yet to come. Nobody is bashing the Move, every reviewer realizes the tech is accurate, responsive and has great potential, SC just sucks, that's why I'm skipping the bundle and buying the accessories seperate.

Wakka_2962d ago

You only think the site is a joke because the review is not positive, ya?

Motorola2962d ago

i dont care I will only use this to show off to family and friends. KZ3 and SOCOM 4 is where i will use Move. I will suck with it, but enjoy it i shall

SexyPrawns2962d ago


Who let Game Reactor through?

DelbertGrady2962d ago

There must be something wrong with them since they don't blindly love anything from Sony.

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GusBricker2962d ago

I loved frisbee golf for WSR, but it only had one course, which kinda sucks.

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