Has It Become Too Easy To Say A Game "Sucks"?

Ironstar: The other day, I had a rather interesting, but brief, talk with a friend about upcoming titles we both intend to buy. With it being September, PlayStation Move is on the horizon, and we're both ready to gear up titles launching for Sony's major PlayStation launch since PS3. and purchase

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Nate-Dog2963d ago

I agree with the idea of the title but I'm not too sure what the whole article exactly meant to be honest. I mean does the writer mean that we put down too many games these days because we expect a too-high quality that only very few titles will reach, or is it just a case of us being too judgemental on games?

Either way, totally agree about Crazy Taxi. Never played the console version, but I adored the arcade version and it was always one of the first things I'd spend my money on when I went there.

TeenGoten2963d ago

As the writer of this article, I appreciate your response.

The article is in every regard of how we judge games, as in saying they suck because a friend says it does, and/or because it doesn't play the way it "should". The title and article is meant to be comprehended in many perspectives.

Nate-Dog2963d ago

Ah I see thanks, I think that makes a little more sense now. And a nice read, good job. =]

hennessey862963d ago

theres alot of "the game sucks because my friend says so or an artical says so. In my opinion you should try things for urself before making a judgement.

SilentNegotiator2963d ago

Look at how lenient reviews are for video games compared to other media.

If anything, people make it too hard for themselves to say anything negative about a game.

JsonHenry2963d ago

It depends on how bad the games sucks. ;)

Immortal3212963d ago

new experience this, more quality that, bigger badder and more bad ass where, more casual here, A true next generation console, most definitive experience, better than the last, we use full potential on this console, better graphics, gameplay over graphics, graphics over story, story over gameplay, 360, playstation3, popular, 10, 9.5, 9.0, 5stars........

its time to wake up

Otheros002963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

Most games this gen SUCKS. Not because of other people but because they put less effort in making their games and more effort in hyping their games.

8-bit2963d ago

This is why I love PS3 exclusives, they really go all out

solar2963d ago

Games this gen BLOW. Dev's see how casual the market is and put out the same game with a different skin and console kids eat it up. NOT all console players, but the smart ones dont buy into reviewer/mag hype for a game that really isnt that good. Games across all platforms and the PC get hyped up but BLOW in the end. It really needs to stop.

n4gno2963d ago

Quality has never been so huge, and we never had so many great games, but with quality of best exclusives, we are more unsatisfied with "just good" games : the same games, 5 or 10 years agos, would have been the best games we can have (crazy taxi example is good : even at 5 euros on psn/xbl today, nobody would play it more than a few minutes if it was a new games)

Baka-akaB2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

people are spoiled and as usual too knee deep into blind nostalgia , there are definitively some points of annoyances , grievance even , but this gen certainly did not suck ...

Even for a few genres of games widely misrepresented . And not with a few fallen into some (public) oblivion like 2 fighting games back into the spotlight .

Among many highlights , this gen had many devs and designers bored and tired by the antics of their usual publishers , freeing themselves , creating studios , and at least getting themselves better deals for the sake of their own creativity . ( id software , valve , even crytek , itagaki , mizuguchi , inaba , mikami , kamiya ...)

The emergence of plenty new industry heroes , creator and forces to reckon with , instead of usually dealing with the same old legends like myamoto .

Not so long ago game that sucked were worthless stuff like Superman 64 , paperboy , Daikatana , Shaq Fu . That had no quality in any department whatsoever .

And now it's mostly games that are actually more mediocre and average (and even worth renting and playing to some ) than pure garbage , like iron man , bionic commando , dark void , jericho , haze , too human , lair etc .

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Shmotz2963d ago

It seems that nowadays if a game isn't at least a 90 on Metacritic then it "sucks".

Letros2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

Pretty much what you said, I have a lot of 70-89 titles in my collection, read reviews, and find out WHAT is not perfect, and if those things don't bother you, then you will probably like the game.

Majesty 2 has a 72 on Metacritic and I really enjoyed that one, same for Killing Floor(a game that I have 70+ hours logged on)

Bnet3432963d ago

If it's hard to say it sucks, they'll just say it's overrated. Catch 22.

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