Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011 Preview (Gameplaybook)

This time, you could be the hunted. Find out what twists Activision is adding to make Dangerous Hunts 2011 the most intense hunting game to date.

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Buff10442964d ago

I'll never like these games.

8-bit2964d ago

Skittles is kind of a bitch



That made me LOL really hard! I don't know why you only have 2 bubbles, but I'll give you some! This time use then wisely, don't spend it all on candy!

TheDCD2964d ago

Aw, I dunno, the dramatic touches could be a nice change of pace. Not sure about that gun, tho.


Don't fall for it! It has 2 analog sticks, which means it's not even a light gun, you don't point it, it's just a dual shock with a stupid, awkward grip...

This is as bad as CTA Digital PS3 Riffle controller, which many people bought thinking it would be Wii or GunCon like experience, just to discover it's not possible to aim with that thing.

CTA Digital PS3 Rifle Controller ad

PS3 Rifle controller gameplay (look at people discussing it too)

The way Cabela always had cheap plastic accessories to Wiimote, expect them to have something just as crap to Move too. Don't buy into it, don't buy into any of it before testing a lot, as Move become popular there will be a lot of people trying to fool costumers to buy thing that don't work.

There are nice pistol and long gun add on to those motion controls, as well as stand alone light guns, that actually enhance the experience by making it easier to aim and shoot, but don't expect most of them to come bundled with a game.

mastershredder2963d ago

From the article:

"The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions will come packaged with a sensor bar and high-sensitivity camera to read your movements (we’re not sure yet if it’s compatible with Move and Kinect), while the Wii version will utilize the Nunchuk and Wii remote."

Now here is a fact about Red Octane, they designed the controller specifically for this game which brings IR controls to the mix. There is footage of these features in action. Just search youtube.

There is a good article about the gun here that features all of the package contents including a sensor bar for the PS3 and Xbox:

If Activision plays their cards right (which has been "wild" in recent times), they may take the Gun peripheral gaming crown away from Namco Bandai. There has been dick for the GunCon 3 since Time Crisis 4 (which barely explored the potential of the device unless you played the extended mission). I wish someone would step up to the plate and fill that void (and not just on the Wii).

I'm not sure how well this will pan out on the PS3 since the Move is going to aim at including this functionality.

Newtype2964d ago

Cool, I'll probably try this game out in the future.

Jack-Pyro2964d ago

I can't wait until the guys from Mega 64 spoof this AGAIN!

CaptainPunch2964d ago

When will they stop making these games

Zinc2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

When people stop buying them. No, for real... people buy them.

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The story is too old to be commented.