15 cancelled Xbox 360 games that should have never been cancelled

GB writes: "Last week we bought you 15 PlayStation 3 games that should have never been cancelled, this week we bring you 15 games on the Xbox 360 that should have never been cancelled. Some of these games looked amazing and had decent concepts. Well I wont take much of your time so let me present to you 15 cancelled Xbox 360 games that should have never been cancelled."

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-Alpha2988d ago

Very frustrating to know such awesome sounding titles could get canned and wonder what could have been.

ABizzel12988d ago

The Halo MMO, was a huge blow. They dumped that for Kinect and a stab at the casual market. WTF MS.

kaveti66162988d ago

"They were looking really hard at the Nintendo Wii and they were really excited by the numbers that the Wii was turning. This was about the time that Microsoft decided that its Xbox platform and XBLA really needed to go more in the direction of appealing to a more casual, broader audience."


SilentNegotiator2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Division 9 almost looks like L4D in slow motion.

Cipher Complex, talk about a game playing itself.

craddock2987d ago

Time Splitters 4 could have been huge too.. Crytek should get on finishing that.

2987d ago
djevolve2987d ago

Road Rage looked like it would be awsome. get into a race with 15 others online or so. beat the living snot out of everyone to win the race. sounds good to me.

the Witcher looked awsome and so did justice.

Oh yea Kameo 2 would have been good.

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halocursed2988d ago

Ascendant in my opinion looks pretty sick.

NoOoB1012987d ago

Agree..not to mention it had the lead designer from Elder scrolls.

iamnsuperman2988d ago

Its sad about Timesplitters 4....The timesplitters series was really good...monkey ftw

Shubhankar2988d ago

The only game that interest me there is Tiberium. PS3's list was much more interesting.
Tiberium seemed awesome, it's a shamed we won't see it ever releasing... and Justice seemed an interesting concept as well.

ell, let's see what the Wii list has in store for us!

Overmind4202988d ago

I can't stand that awesome concepts just end up becoming nothing more than vaproware.

outrageous2988d ago

The title of the piece is misleading as many of those games are multi-platform titles and didn't have anything to do with M$ canceling them...of course M$ could of offered to have the games created for the Xbox exclusively but that's another story. The cancel games in M$'s vault is alot more than 15...are you kidding.

I liked alot of those concepts unfortunately the cost of making a game these days has risen and many publishers are just not interested.

There's a couple I really like...Indiana Jones would be great and Lukas arts has some of the best game engines around, especially the Star Wars: Unleashed 2 game engine that can do anything...take a look.

The Tiberium game looked incredible ( CGI ) and with 2 years of development under wraps it must be close to complete. Of course the similarities to Halo/crysis are there and Section 8

Urban Race looked dated but could make for a high energy game play idea...think Crank where if you stop moving you die.

Cipher Complex had some great animations...the whole jumping around with a click and move gameplay could work nicely with Kinect's abilities...Hmmmm...

Kameo 2, the world has passed that concept by...Tomb Raider owns that genre. Perfect Dark would be money better spent.

The Witcher looked really polished with great lighting. It seems ready to go in a RPG kinda way.

There are so many ideas and not enough money. Why don't they make a more affordable arcade title with these concepts.

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The story is too old to be commented.