Star Trek: Encounters for PS2 in development by Bethesda

Bethesda has announced they have a third Star Trek game in development. Star Trek: Encounters exclusively for the PS2. The game will not be a port of Star Trek: Legacy on the Xbox 360 and PC, but rather an all new Star Trek game.

Encounters is "an arcade-style space combat game" and is set to coincide with Star Trek franchise's 40th anniversary.

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zypher4506d ago

Bethesda developing for the PS2? bodes well for Oblivion coming to the PS3!

BIadestarX4506d ago

I guess the 360 is not that bad after all. Why? Then, why would PS3 fanboys want "Oblivion" so bad? If you hate the 360 then get the PC version. You don't have to wait for the PS3 and this game to be released for the PS3 to enjoy it.

zypher4506d ago

i'm a PS3 fan, and i don't want Oblivion. you know why? because i already have it...on my 360. you see, i'm a 360 fan as well. so whats your point?

Asuka4506d ago

Please people, stay on topic.

Anyway, i like Star Trek, but their games aren't that great, hope this one changes my opinion

GRUNT4480d ago

Because Activision screwed up the STAR TREK franchise this is a different developer

Jay da 2KBalla4506d ago

oblivion isnt coming to ps3.

GRUNT4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

Hope that the final game wont look like the current screenshots