Why the Games Industry Needs a Good Documentary

Bitmob community writer Michael Gray: Somehow, I found myself watching Penny Arcade: The Series, and it took my breath away. It's a fly on the wall documentary filmed by 2 Player Productions that reveals the exploits of not only Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins but also Robert Khoo and the other employees of Penny Arcade.

It's like watching The Office (U.K.) and replacing every character with David Brent. Sometimes meaningful, sometimes maniacal, which leads to a good-humored office space and fewer tears.

So, what about a documentary series that films the goings on inside a game development studio while they work on a game?

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Cajun Chicken2965d ago

It needs Charlie Brooker to host it.

The_Zeitgeist2965d ago

I wish they would do a documentry focusing on E3 from a few developers perspectives (including the run up to E3).