Move: Why I'd Buy It At Launch

"We’ve noticed something of a growing trend in recent months. For many gamers, it seems that the true champion of the current generation will not be decided by who sells the most consoles, bags the most exclusives, or which format receives the best review scores across the board. Instead, we’ve seen a lot of people claiming that whichever company, be it Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo, fully embraces and uses motion control best, will be crowned king of the generation."

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seann2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

i will only buy it for lbp2, but for now. nope. its not a need. and i cant it see becoming a want any time toon.

-Alpha2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

My issue is price and the Fall lineup of games for the PS3/360. Games take priority over peripherals:

-LBP Collector's Edition (which I don't have to pay for thankfully)
-Black Ops (looking great + split screen online makes it a must for me)
-GT5 (maybe, I am not a racing sim enthusiast but the scale and variety, as well as the core mechanics interest me as a casual racing fan)
-Fifa 11

That's about $300 with taxes and excluding LBP2

Can't afford Move at launch (~$100) nor am I interested in the launch titles. I'd like to see more Move exclusives that I can't do with a DS3. Hopefully titles like Sorcery prove themselves for core gamers. Since I can just as well play games like K3 with my DS3 I am content with waiting for it.

Archdemon2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

I think Move is starting to look better and better for each day.

I was very turned off about motioncontrol gaming at first because it was mainly for casuals. The Wii which is a gamecube in desguise didn't fool me. Hardcore gaming on Nintendo's platform is dead.

But now all of a sudden we have quality hardcore games coming with hightech motion capturing. Sounds like a match made in heaven to me and I sure hope so because I'm investing in some Move too.

I'm pretty sure SONY won't let us down like Nintendo did.

-Alpha2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

"Hardcore gaming on Nintendo's platform is dead."

I'd argue that going forward, Nintendo has a much more "hardcore" lineup than MS.

The PS2 was casual too. The difference was a better ratio of "hardcore" games.

It's a shame that the Wii wasn't next gen in terms of performance. Too many third party devs used it as a gimmick but many games utilized the motion just fine. And yeah, Nintendo did neglect the hardcore, but I think that this E3 proved that they are dedicated to us. I hope that they deliver. It's not like they DIDN'T have hardcore games before this year. There were many great titles that simply got overshadowed due to the ferocity of 360 vs. PS3.

The DS is a great example of using something casual/gimmicky like touch screen well into a new way for games to innovate gameplay.

I'm excited that Move will push new gameplay concepts. But I don't think the Wii is dead to the hardcore. Yes, it's product will be inferior to Move, but I still think they have a lot in the bag, at least compared to MS and Kinect.

I am hoping Sony can push Move exclusives that will utilize things like depth, 1:1 motion, etc.

jaytv-pyro2963d ago

why so biased?

just say you don't like the Move and Stop trolling

Archdemon2963d ago

I think the concept of hardcore games is different to us all.

I define a hardcore game to offer a immersive story and a meaning and offer a challenge. I also expect it to have better quality overall than mini games speaking of graphics and life spawn. Comparing a hardcore game to a casual game is like comparing a Novel to a pocketbook.

The only game I can think of on the Wii which gives that quality is Monster hunter 3. Even though the maps are lacking and most quests feel repetitive.

-Alpha2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )


Hence why I quoted the word :P

I realize it has a different definition for us all, but I don't there are any set requirements, nor do I think hardcore games are any superior to casual games. Again, it's by definition, but I can enjoy games like Tetris as much as anything else.

I think for me, very broadly, it depends on gameplay depth. But at the same time hardcore is something I define myself as, not the games I play.


Where in my comment did I imply that I don't like Move? Just because I said I'm not getting it day one means I don't like it?

jneul2963d ago

Oh well your loss alpha male I'm sure you will hop on board later you will be missing alot of awesome things with the move and coming out in less than 10 days, I will have plenty of time to save up for other games like LBP2 and GT5 I may just not get those games until Christmas, for now move+sports champions will keep me busy until Christmas

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nycredude2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

Well I already have RE5 Gold and Heavy Rain so it's day 1 for me. That and I can't wait for Socom 4, Killzone 2, LBP2, Sorcery, and Deadspace 2 and extraction.

jack_burt0n2963d ago

its cheaper than a dualshock plenty of ppl will buy it.

BeaArthur2963d ago

Not if you don't own already own an PS Eye. Or if you want to play all of the games.

Pennywise2963d ago

Every single person I know in RL with a PS3 owns a PSeye. I think more people own one than you think. Plus, its cheaper to buy the eye bundle than to buy separate Move parts.

nycredude2963d ago

In the us if you buy the bundle for $99 then you are pretty much getting the eye for $10, so it's cheap.

BeaArthur2963d ago

Pennywise...I don't own an Eye. And I'm sure plenty of people do, I was just pointing out that it's not universally less than a DS3.

nycredude...$99 is still more than the DS3, no matter how you look at it.

Pennywise2963d ago

Bea... $99.00 includes a $40.00 game, a $40.00 camera, and a $50 move controller.

I am not trying to be mean, but if you think that is expensive or not a good value than maybe you need a better job.

Walmart has a bundle - 1 move, 1 eye, 3 games for $175.00 and they give you a $25.00 gift card. $150 for move, eye and 3 games.

That is affordable and probably the best pre-order deal I have seen.

nycredude2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )


Are you seriously. For $99 you get a PS eye, A move controller, and Sports Champions. How can you compare that to just the PSeye?

Also for the disagrees about getting the PSeye for $10 in the bundle in US.

PS eye = $39.99
Move Controller = $49.99
Sports Champion = $39.99
Total = $129.97

PS eye = $10.01
Move Controller = $49.99
Sports Champion = $39.99
Total = $99.99

OK so I am off by 1 cent. Give me a break.

Thanks Pennywise for the heads up on Walmart deal. I didn't know that.

BeaArthur2963d ago

@ both of you. I wasn't talking about value for the dollar I was talking about a DS3 being less than a Move controller and an Eye or any subsequent package deal.

Pennywise2963d ago

It's all good Bea... you don't like motion gaming. We get that... But say it like it is: You wont buy motion control gaming devices. Not that you don't like the price.

If you DID like accurate motion gaming, Move has proved itself to be the most accurate. And the price would be affordable when you look at the whole bundle.

You keep coming into Move articles talking about how you will just stick to the DS3. Every time you say that there will be someone wondering why... your responses of late are about price and make you seem either broke or cheap.

If you don't like motion gaming I respect that...

The Lazy One2963d ago

value has nothing to do with being expensive or not. A $100,000 lamborghini gallardo is great value for your buck. It's still expensive.

I'd worry more about games this holiday and get the motion controllers next summer unless I got them as a gift or found a great sale tbh. There's too many good non-motion games.

BeaArthur2963d ago long as I have to keep reading these articles I'll keep posting. There are like 10 of these a day. We'll see how many people want this stuff over the next few months.

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T9X692963d ago

The dualshock is actually more expensive, unless you find it on sale, plus you need a PS Eye with the Move.

jack_burt0n2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

get an eye second hand if your really low on cash u can find em for £12 odd. do the controller for £27

but basically your getting a wiiHD for £40 that is already been patched into a good few games ppl already own and there are loads of demos and the full retail blurays are like £20, price is not a problem with move.

himdeel2963d ago

...used from a game store. It was super cheap and I like video chatting with my family on it.

Game-ur2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

I held off on RE5 for this, its like a Move game for me

fastrez2963d ago

If Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition is anything to go by, Resi 5 should work a treat on Move.

nikrel2963d ago

will work for Move, Deadspace is one of my fav games.

Whitey2k2963d ago

same ere Dead space , Socom , Killzone 3 u name it

8-bit2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

LBP2! I am getting it for all of the above mentioned games! It is too bad that all of the games that I want it for aren't launch titles but I plan to buy it at launch anyway.

Ivan Drago IV2963d ago

Im getting on day 1. Im getting the 320 GB move PS3 console bundle, i need a 2nd PS3 anyway so i can have one in the man cave and one in the living room.. cant wait! already pre ordered

mantisimo2963d ago

Wow, does it have a fridge and magazines too?

whitesoxfalife2963d ago

maybe you kids will understand the meaning of "MANCAVE" when you get older mantisimo

mantisimo2963d ago

Don't quite understand your reply, but then from someone who thinks kinect is fantastic (and is trolling a move article) I couldn't really care for your opinion either way.

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