The 50 Best Mario Games of All Time

Yes, it's been a full quarter of a century since Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. debuted in Japan’s toy stores, setting on fire an industry still recovering from a massive crash just two years earlier, not to mention a consumer audience mesmerized by the dominance of Atari. And in honor of the 25th anniversary of the debut of the most influential video game in history, we’re running down the best Mario brand games around.

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Chuk52961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

I still remember Christmas '97 when I got it. One of the best moments of my life, even if it meant my genesis went unplayed.

eagle212961d ago

Super Mario Bros. 3 is my all-time favorite Mario game (and his as well). He got the top 10 right in my opinion. Hard to put any of the top 10 over each other..they are all superb. :)

turok2961d ago

Super Mario World > SMB3

eagle212961d ago

Man please...I just played SMW..great game but not even close to Mario 3 IMO. :P