Birth By Sleep on the PSP Go Still Possible?

It'd be nice to see Dissidia first, but the possibility still remains that Go owners will one day be able to play Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep on their probably underused console (If the comments on the EU blog are anything to go by.).

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Handhelds_FTW2987d ago

Disney is way too afraid of piracy or simply hates DD.

So much so, that this past Tuesday they removed some of there titles off the PSN.

MisterAV2987d ago

pspgo can't run ISO and birth by sleep has already patched and run on PSP with custom firmware since JAP release.

matgrowcott2987d ago

I'm fairly certain Disney has very little to do with KH after release.

At least, all my dealings have been with Square Enix, not Disney

hatchimatchi2987d ago

The psp go is such a joke.

WTF is the point of a handheld that limits what you can play for it? Someone at Sony needs to be fired.