IncGamers: Ninety-Nine Nights II Review

IncGamers' John Robertson tries Konami's latest hack 'n' slash in the form of Ninety-Nine Nights II.

From the review:

"If they’ve ever played a Dynasty Warriors game, or the original Ninety-Nine Nights, then the basic structure on show here is going to be familiar. Essentially each mission tasks you with traversing through an environment, taking out the bad guys and sometimes accomplishing some other objective (usually involving smashing something to bits or facing off against an end of level boss). "

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syrinx2961d ago

Ouch, this looked quite good as well :(

Dorjan2961d ago

owch, but if what the reviewer said is true, i'm defo avoiding that!

mmoplaya2961d ago

and I had high hopes for this... dissapointed

earbus2961d ago

Wil get i loved the demo closest thing to kingdom underfire i can get cuting 500 ai in half rocked good thing stopped listening to reviews years ago as i was missing to many games one mans shit anothers sandwhich.