Could PS3 Hacking Cause More Frequent Firmware Updates?

Loot Ninja writes:

"Look, we all hate Sony’s firmware updates. They take forever to download and install and they happen way too often. I have friends (<cough> Scuba </cough>) who haven’t been online on the PSN for over 4 months because they don’t feel like updating the firmware every time they turn on their PS3. While the update frequency has slowed a bit, I have a feeling it’s about to pick up, full speed ahead. Those damn pesky hackers are to blame."

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Anton Chigurh2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

It's cat and mouse fight and in the End no body wins.I think, they should Ban the Pirates before the holiday season to increase the hardware sales just like what M$ is doing every Fu(king Year.

Eamon2966d ago

The difference is that with MS, people are paying for XBL.

As for PSN. You don't pay for it. So, I wonder if pirates will still want to go online. And apparently there are proxies out that can enable you to go online with an old firmware, so maybe this could also avoid banning too?

But if Sony does start banning, it won't be till there is a significant amount in which they will start banning in waves.

raztad2965d ago

"So, I wonder if pirates will still want to go online"

You even can read people saying they will get a second PS3 in order to go online and keep the other at fw 3.41. So I would say YES, to that question. Unless of course we are talking about xbox owners that already pay for Live and want to play PS3 games for free.

Either way, it doesnt matter. Most incoming PS3 games probably will be requiring fw 3.42+.

WildArmed2966d ago

'The difference is that with MS, people are paying for XBL.
As for PSN. You don't pay for it. So, I wonder if pirates will still want to go online. '

I'm sorry, but that made no sense to me.
Pirates still like MP -- hence soo many private CoD4 servers are available on PC-- believe it or not.

And honestly, I have no problems w/ fw updates.
They take me about 10mins to d/l n install em.
I mean if fw updates are stopping you from getting online, I find that pretty depressing lol

It's not like they are charging u to update your ps3 (neither does MS or Nintendo). So when you are not on ur ps3, i don't see ANY reason why you wouldn't want to update.

Oh, and trust me, Sony doesn't like doing fw updates as much as we like d/ling them.
They use a lot of resources to make this happen.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

Im not sure why people bitch about something that usually adds features, cleans things up, and most of the time makes things better overall for the users experience.

are that many of you so ADHD that updates are really an issue. step outside, open a window and get some air. unless you are stealing your internet from a neighbor most updates take less than 10 minutes to d/l and install.

if you want to complain about something complain about downloading a game from the psn store and after you download one that has been out for a year or more, you still have to download multiple patches for the game to be able to run. (hate itunes with a passion, but at least when I download an app it is current and up to date)


BeeAreWhyAyeEn2966d ago

Who the hell in their right mind would freak out over getting some extra time to go grab some snacks, or throw a DiGiorno in the oven and grab a drink? Haha, If firmware updates took more than 28 minutes (Pizza Time) then we would have something to complain about.

kevnb2966d ago

i wouldnt accept it at all for any other device I own. Theres always a chance of bricking the console because there is no way to recover from a bad flash...

badz1492965d ago

"They take forever to download and install" - it's time to upgrade you internet dude! I'm on a 1MBps connection (slow, I know) but FW updates never took me too long. just enough time for me to make coffee and some snacks and's done!

ArcFatalix2966d ago

updates are smaller now, due to a previous firmware update before the hack.

This hack is useless usb exploit not even a proper hack. Sony is laughing at all you guys right now. exploiting debug mode lmao

drunkpandas2966d ago

They aren't smaller as of yet. Version 3.42 was still a full size download. It's theoretically possible for them to make the updates smaller, but they have not implemented that system in production PS3 environments as of yet.

Karooo2966d ago

"Firmware 3.41 was an empty update for the most part, with the only true contribution being the PlayStation Store recommendation option, but behind the scenes Sony did make a new, minor enhancement to the system and this new feature will make downloading future firmware updates quicker and they'll be smaller in size than previous updates.

Hidden away in the firmware update, Sony put a new incremental download patch in place, though the PS3 has always had this type of feature, this new incremental feature will now allow for smaller downloads. Previously, all firmware updates were incremental and they built off each other since the original firmware, but Sony has revised that concept and firmware updates will now only download what is needed from the latest firmware opposed to downloading the entire firmware. Firmware 3.41 only needed around 40MB of information, so the system only downloaded that much, opposed to 200MB of additional information from previous firmwares.

This will allow for smaller updates, faster downloads, and PlayStation Plus subscribers an easier time with auto-downloads. It may not change much in your system functions, but it'll make updating your system an easier process as you'll be downloading less files."

comp_ali2966d ago

you do relize there is a proxy tools to bypass the update
I bet the pirates are laughing at you now for your ignorance.

Karooo2966d ago

it was blocked and this will be blocked too

KionicWarlord2222966d ago

The bypass that there using hasn't been blocked for over a year now .

Anton Chigurh2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

Not to mention that there is a program called PSN downloader which will help the pirates to download updates , free DLCS and then transfer it to the PS3.

BeeAreWhyAyeEn2966d ago

the pirates are probably scared sh!tless at the moment, with all these USB-Hack devices out and now blocked (kinda), I think sony will be finding and banning/force updating, all ps3's behind a certain firmware updates, if you're still running off 2.70 and signing onto PSN then there has got to be a way to find out who you are and fix it, not a doubt in my mind.

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NYC_Gamer2966d ago

the game of cat&mouse...expect alot of updates

fiercescuba2966d ago

As long as Sony stays one step ahead, this should not be too much of a disaster. However, hackers always find a way to crack into something.

mattygamefreak2966d ago

Don't care. Pirates can have fun downloading their 40GB games while all I do is download a tiny firmware update that takes 2 minutes.

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