MCV Interview: Kaz Hirai

Christopher Dring secures some rare time with CEO and president of SCE.

The mood at camp PlayStation has changed.

It’s subtle, almost imperceptible, but speak to any of its execs now and they are confident and assured. They are no longer facing the crisis of confidence that surrounded the firm when the once-expensive PS3 first arrived and was suffering from the clichéd label of ‘Sony arrogance’.

Sony dropped the swagger, but not the momentum – and the result for SCE has been a fantastic last 12 months.

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Game-ur2989d ago

But PS3 momentum has dropped since the 360 slim, are they under estimating the competition?

DFresh2989d ago

In America that maybe true but around the world outside the U.S that's not the case.

Tapey2989d ago

Unfortunately for Microsoft, America is not the only region on the planet, which is why the PS3 is getting so close to overtaking it now.

120FPS2989d ago

You might want to look at the latest sales figures fella

raztad2988d ago


Where are those figures?

mantisimo2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

I have already posted this on another article (didn't realise it was a repeat but i will post again because I think it is very good.)

This is a very good and rather relevant interview for all gamers as he talks about not going download only, in even 10 years time and a lot of other interesting quotes.

(Please don't just concentrate on sales figures there is other interesting stuff in there also)

Take a little time to read this 1 and no, in no way am I affiliated you cynics :)

redsquad2988d ago

And when the 360 Slim momentum is gone?

NobleRed2989d ago

Will push the hardware sales.

Game-ur2988d ago

Even for GT5 thier is no momentum so far, how is ps3 advertizing in the US?

JBroken2989d ago

The only region where xbox is not number one is Japan. US and EU are all xbox for the last 11 weeks . Japan is not = the world

Karooo2989d ago

16.5 million vs 16 million

that too 360 had a 1.5 year lead in EU

LMFAO what a fail

timmyrulz2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Wii has sold more in EU, Japan and world wide
73.5 million VS 42 million

That too the wii and ps3 were released around the same time

LMFAO what a fail

See what i did there

TotalPS3Fanboy2988d ago

We can see that you were definately trolling and being off-topic there, unnecessarily bringing up Wii in a comparasion between the PS3 and the 360.

JBroken2989d ago

I said past 11 weeks. Go ahead, prove me wrong

TotalPS3Fanboy2988d ago

Now, peoples will just report you for being offensive and calling people retards.

quiddd2989d ago

all these accusations as to who is number 1 overall or by region fall on deaf ears and might carry more weight if you guys include a link to a chart proving your point.

How about that.

hellseek2989d ago

The numbers don't matter since all I own is a PS3 and the games I want to play are on PS3.

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