Last Guardian confirmed for TGS

Exactly what is being shown is unknown, but Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has confirmed that The Last Guardian will be at the Tokyo Game Show next week.

The game from Team Ico was last shown in trailer form at TGS 2009, with its lack of appearance at E3 2010 disappointing gamers everywhere. Ueda-san will be on hand to discuss the progress of the game.

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Hands Up For Games2965d ago

Woo (and a Big Fat) Hoo!!!

Cant wait to see more or anything on this Game really.

Welcome to this generation Team Ico, its been a while ;)!!

seann2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

oh baby, this is the big one. pls pls. a date.

cause then i know its going to come out.

segments of info over a 6 year period wont do

danmachine2965d ago

cant wait to see some more of TLG

brazilianbumpincher2965d ago

e3-they brought the games
gamescom-they brought more games
tgs- freaking bringing the last guardian

sikbeta2965d ago

As usual, Team ICO will deliver an Amazing Game....

TLG = Masterpiece

fishd2965d ago

When this gen started ,there were 2 game that I really really wanted,

God of War III and Team ICO's new game

One down ,one more to go

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hobo512965d ago

"mgnullty u big gaping ass whole" i agree that this game is gonna be good

MNicholas2965d ago

I've been genuinely interested for actual gameplay purposes. The God of Wars, Uncharteds, and Killzones are fascinating for their technical accomplishments but their focus on shooting or slashing as the primary gameplay mechanic bores me.

LBP 2 could be interesting as well.

fedex6822965d ago

Can't wait to see what they are going to show....Also ICO collection please!

TheLastGuardian2965d ago

I figured it would be at TGS but They should have kept it a secret and saved the best for last Just like Sony did at E3. I hope we just see a new trailer with no talking. I don't really want to know much about this game before playing it. I already know it's going to be fantastic maybe even game of the decade unless another Team Ico game beats it.

Edward-Kraken2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

Show's over folks. Sony won. Along with the possibility of ICO Collection, TGS = BOOM!

Hands Up For Games2965d ago

Im sorry but I have to diasgree with that statement.

Ive won!! Not Sony, not MS and not Nintendo. Ive Won!

I get to play Reach, Fable 3, Alan Wake, Heavy Rain, KZ3 and TLG.

I feel sorry for you if that is truly what you believe!

seann2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

you won TGS?


a fanboy can own both consoles!! its wont stop them from being bias. you cant honestly make a statement like that. esp since there a millions of people who own both consoles. you cant speak for every fanboy.

its this kind of generalisation that needs to stop.

T9X692965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

@seann - No he wins as a gamer. People like him and I that own both consoles get to play the best games from both platforms, where PS3 and Xbox fanboys only get to play a portion of great games.

EDIT: @seann - If you own both consoles you're not a fanboy. If you only own a PS3 or a 360 you're always going to favor your only console, so therefor you can't be bias. If I say I like PS3 over 360 and I own both consoles, that's called an opinion, not me being fanboy. People tend to take others opinion when they own both consoles and instantly call them fanboys because they don't agree with them. You can be bias all you want, but if you own both systems you can't be a fanboy otherwise you wouldn't have bought both systems.

bjornbear - Um no, its the fact that you PS3/360 fanboys take criticism to the heart like what I'm saying is psychically tearing you apart inside, and its pathetic. If I say X game has X bad with it, people on this site are so defensive they will instantly label you as a fanboy. You're right, I do have my preferences when it comes to certain things, that does not make me a fanboy, that makes me able to have an opinion.

@seann - If you're a fanboy, your devoted to a certain product such as a console. If you're 360 fanboy, you're not going to ask for a PS3 as a gift, or buy one, because you're a 360 fanboy who is desperately in love with the 360 and can't stand the PS3.

There is a difference in what you're saying, and what I'm implying. Yes one console can be enough for a gamer, but that gamer doesn't go around bashing the 360/PS3/PSP/Wii/PC/DS. You can own one console and not be a fanboy by simply not running your mouth like a fanboy does. Yes I own a PS3 and a 360, does that make me a fanboy because I don't own a gaming PC/DS/PSP/Wii no, because I don't go around bashing them for no reason.

bjornbear2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

don't know how he got so many disagrees, this site is sad sometimes

GAMERS win, not sony nintendo or MS

however, we can look at it comparatively in relation to the quality of whats announced/ shown.

but thats impossible to predict now

can't wait for TGS =D

T9X69 - sorry but, you're one of the worst fanboys here =/ not that I'm any better at times but please don't go around preaching as if you are above it all,
i've seen some of your comments and tbh, you could have all 3 consoles, you still clearly have a preference

seann2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

with that logic, everyone who only owns a single console is a fanboy.

uhm no. Someone who is content with the console that they have and admire the achievements of another console (of which they do not own) is a reasonable person. not a fanboy. there are so many factors that YOU should take into consideration (a gift, it was cheaper etc).

one console might be enough for the GAMER (not a fanboy). Why would they need to own 2 consoles (or even more) to avoid being LABELLED as a fanboy? if you apply your understanding -of what a fanboy- is to yourself, then you are a fanboy to someone els.maybe a pc gamer, maybe portable gamer.


that kind of contradicts what you said in the first place. the console you own does not make you a fanboy. Its what they say and how they represent their arguments about another console.

fuckoffodion2965d ago

T9X69 is one of the biggest fanboys here. Comment history is evidence for that. He's not a gamer at all.

If you own both consoles, you're nto a fanboy? Please, look at kewlkatt007 and wagesofsin. Those dudes are fanboys. wagesofsin got his pse because his girlfriend bought it for him and he's been trying to dump her ever since. oops.

Ilikegames762965d ago

also got himself a PS3, and you all know how he is in all his press releases.

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gillri2965d ago

cant wait for this game, gonna be special

TheBreezyBB2965d ago

Now this will make TGS awesome!!

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