Enslaved - The First 30 Minutes

NowGamer brings you the first 30 minutes of gameplay from Ninja Theory's Enslaved: Journey to the West, complete with cut scenes

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tompoulo2961d ago

Yesterday was the first 15 minutes, today the first 30 minutes, tommorow??? Thats right.. the first hour!

The game looks amazing btw! It wasn't in my radar, but now i am seriously considering buying this instead of black ops(i am a FPS guy but i think reach will "feed" my FPS "hunger"_

SuperTiger2961d ago

I managed to extract a download link from their site lol

AlienFodder2961d ago

You are my hero... :) Thank you!

outrageous2961d ago

I didn't want it to end. The way they are tying the story to the game play is just genius. The opening sequence with the massive air ship and all the platforming tied to it must of been very labor intensive to tie that all together.

They said that the level of detail in the game would make Epic and Gears Of war proud...I believe it. The levels shown so far are huge, detail rich environments. I never really gave Heavenly Sword a go...I think I might now...WoW. They obviously had to make some sacrifices to get this level of detail but I think it's a good trade off. It's nice to see a dev make a game that doesn't remind or blatant rip off another game ( cough..Vanquish..cough ). I don't know why they didn't at least offer a co-op campaign mode??? Regardless...Ninja Theory may have their best game yet.

Rampaged Death2961d ago

Enslaved is looking tops. Hopefully a demo will be out soon and if not I'll be playing it at the Eurogamer Expo.

bobdog6262961d ago

Gameplay wise this got Uncharted 2 Beat.It also looks as good as well.I know i will get dis but this game looks sweet.

DigitalRaptor2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

Gameplay wise, this has more diversity and looks very fun. But graphically... no way!

Silentmerc3nary2961d ago

Whoa! Double thumbs up all the way!!! ohmahgawd

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