“No reason” to bring FFXIII 360 International Edition west, says Square Enix

VG247: Square Enix has just told VG247 it has no plans to release the International Version of Final Fantasy XIII for Xbox 360 that was announced this morning in Japan for the west.

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qface642960d ago

and most likely they wont just look at final mix

Edward-Kraken2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

I can haz Versus and Agito. No need to play a slightly updated version of arguably the worst in FF history. kthxbai.

@below: As if you two below me will be able to play it with Japanese texts. :)

Hands Up For Games2960d ago

Its OK, the guy has no soul. He doesnt know what fun and enjoyment is. Pity him dont get angry.

ActionBastard2960d ago

Running down a hallway for 40+ hours is fun these days?

darthdevidem012960d ago

It is and it was 10 years ago when FFX released.

But I guess "fun" nowadays is playing the same shooter every year and on the same maps online? eh..

Baka-akaB2960d ago

Was it fun ? It beats whining about it just because its trendy

Rush2960d ago

Yeah your right MGS4, UC2, and GOW3 are all so boring /sarcasm

ActionBastard2960d ago

TRY. That's all I'm asking.

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darthdevidem012960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

FFXIII >>>> Twilight

lol @ You

Edward-Kraken2960d ago


Just because I have a twilight name and avatar automatically makes me a twilight fan? OK. Whatever makes you sleep at night.

Nike2960d ago

I'm pretty sure it means you like Twilight in some form, yeah. :P

MisterNiwa2960d ago


Man you sure are embarassing. LOL.

Edward-Kraken2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

Welcome to the internet. For the record, I DO NOT LIKE TWILIGHT. This is just for fun's sake since I wanted to change my old username. Hence the Kraken, instead of Cullen. But since most people who read my name are criticizing me for having a Twilight name, that must mean my attempt at making a cool username, sad to say, failed.
I dont feel bad though. :)

Let me just ask you, if people who like Twilight are embarassing, that must mean Kojima is embarassing too, right?

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MrLife2960d ago

You look like my ass and I hope a Kraken will eat you in the near future.

StbI9902960d ago

Your ass is hot then...i would hit that

midgard2292960d ago

it was the worst ff? really? probably never played ffx-2. it could be ur least favorite ff but doesnt mean its the same for everyone. i know someone that thinks its their fav ff ever.

personally ff9 and 12 were my least favs, 12 complimented you for figuring out how to put the controller down and fight a boss for 6 hours without doing anything your self (gambit system)

ff13 was fun, i doont care if it was linear the first 30 hours, story was consistent and fun, the worst part was the begining but o well.

people just say it sux because they think its the cool thing to do while they continue playing COD till the next cod comes along, then they pay for the same maps they had in the last game....idiots

wicko2960d ago

I've heard that FFX-2 had a good battle system, so I guess it trumps FFXIII there.

Honestly, I think it had the worst battle system out there, and I have played it enough to warrant this judgement (I platinumed it after all). I just really hated it, and I don't ever plan to play it again, which is pretty bad because most FF games I plan to or have already played multiple times.

Also, the only CoD game I ever bought was CoD4, for the PC. :p

albel_nox2960d ago

I liked Final Fantasy X-2 more than 13. That being said, I think FF13 is awesome and is my favorite RPG this gen.

midgard2292960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

lol.Wicko u platinumed it? i will admit i couldnt dare play it that long now lol.

it was good, coulda been better but wasnt, cuda had more limit breaks, coulda not killed off that sexy chick randomly, but still solid.

i mean I guess switching the classes constantly cud bother some, but *shrugs.

at Abel

and hahah tidus crying when he finds yuna is sorta funny cuz she doesnt even break a tear....that sissy pants.

i just think people like to jump on the band wagon of saying ff13 is the worst game ever, that sorta annoys me.

personally i cant wait till Dissidia Duodecim to come out since lighting is in it :)

supersonicsaga2960d ago

If the battle system was as good as X-2 people wouldn't hate the game so much. The reason people dislike X-2 was the story and the "girl angle" which I personally enjoyed.

magnifier2960d ago

FFX-2 was so, so bad. I couldn't force myself to finish it. I did however finish FF13, alot better than FFX-2(worst of the series, by far)

wicko2960d ago

yeah it took me about 100 hours to do it.. I don't really want to play it again.

Don't get me wrong though, I'm not completely hating on FFXIII, there were some aspects I liked. Visual design was really cool and it was a good looking engine, but the rest.. I didn't like the characters (save for Sazh and possibly Lightning), story wasn't terrible but not really memorable for me either.

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Aleusia2960d ago

Being a fan of FF since the original on the NES, I am inclined to agree with you.

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Lirky2960d ago

ffxiii too much damage been done.

LeShin2960d ago

In all honesty, when this comes out in Japan for the Xbox 360, can someone post a link to the sales it does after a couple of weeks? I assumed thought that a title as big as Final Fantasy (not saying it was wasn't) would've made Japanese RPG lovers just get a PS3 for it.

Off-Topic: Anyone know if/when Tales of Vesperia is coming to Europe/US on the PS3?

Baka-akaB2960d ago

i expect japanese vesperia 360 level numbers for it personally , wich isnt much but then again they certainly aint using much money to port it over there , it's a win/win for square no matter what

sackgirl2960d ago

They bring English dubs to Japan with the horrible Leona Lewis theme? What's the logic in that?

jackdoe2960d ago

Little to no work. Just swap English text for Japanese text and you are done. Same as US and European version. They actually were too lazy to take out English and European subtitles anyway.

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