TGS 2010 Will Be Big, Here’s Why

Scrawl: "The Tokyo Game Show kicks off next week in Japan. We won’t be there (hopefully next year), but it’ll be a pretty big show for us regardless. Want to know why? We’ll tell you!"

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Brewski0072989d ago

Versus better be worth this wait. I cant wait to see what it looks like. Although theres soooo much more than just versus by the looks of it, so im really hyped to see what greatness comes from it ! :)

CrzyFooL2989d ago

Three words. Azn Booth Babes.

Troll_Police2989d ago

The Last Guardian. That is all.

SillySundae2989d ago

... they will be revealing the LIGER!

Cenobia2989d ago

Wasn't there enough of that at the last 2 E3's?

Senden2989d ago

It will certainly be memorable.. especially when the Japanese get to see what microsoft have done with kinect.. I hope their reactions get recorded as I believe it'll be montage worthy.

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The story is too old to be commented.