15 Mind Blowing F.E.A.R 3 Screenshots

Gamer Syndrome: Gamer Syndrome has obtained a mind-whopping 15 screen shots from Warner Brothers Interactive and they would like to share them with you — just a quick warning, Gamer Syndrome are not responsible for your head’s self-detonation upon looking at these images.

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chak_2989d ago

mind blowing?

stamp size + ugly.

Ah blowing that way maybe?

HarryMonogenis2989d ago

You need to click on the images to enlarge them..

HarryM2989d ago

I take it you didn't read the part in bold..

Daddy-O_242989d ago Show
HarryMonogenis2989d ago

Now now, no need for the bad language..

Ziriux2989d ago

I can't wait for this sexy game.

Stegie2989d ago

Been a big fan of the series -- can't wait for this.