How Far Will Microsoft Go To Make A Buck ?

Guerrilla Play Writes: Seems like Microsoft is pulling another "Microsoft move" in such a way only they are capable of. I must admit folks i am a little worried about the state and future of the Xbox. Since E3 '09 all Microsoft has been focused on is Kinect and the shovelware movement. With nothing new announced on the horizon for their "core" my cause for concern warranted.

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xxLuckyStrike2960d ago

use all their resources to promote kinect and shovelware to the casuals

movements2960d ago

It's not about making a buck, it's about being toe-to-toe with Sony. Monkey see monkey do.

blitz06232960d ago

How are they being toe-to-toe with Sony? If anything, it's the Wii they're trying to mimic. Sony is incorporating Move to hardcore games. Kinect has its own casual games and can't integrate properly to 360 games.

Why o why2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

but from where im standing it seems that with the avatars and dashbord update of last year to the total slowdown of titles other than kinect stuff it seems like their target has now shifted towards the casuals and super casuals. Add that to the fact that they only kept rare and have less studios than they started the gen with and it doesn't look as good as it did back in 07. Even the most ardent 360 supporter should acknowledge this. Of course its not all doom n gloom and the 360 brand should be here to stay as they've made gaming interesting but the same people who used to make comments about there being 'no game' on the ps3 must now feel a little cheated and dumb now.

CBaoth2960d ago

Seems to me this is a paradigm shift from core to casual. And it probably should be. 360 IS 5 years old; MS just gave us the final revision in the hardware, and Kinect is squarely aimed at taking some of Ninty's casual pie. Gears3 is set for the 1st half of 2011 with Kingdoms slated for the 2nd half. They can rely on a few key exclusives and mostly multi-plats for the rest of the 360's lifespan.

The only comment ever from Greenburg's mouth that rang true to me was MS intended to support the 360 as long as Sony would (the PS3). It's no secret they like the two console business model. I think MS will eventually position the 360S w/ Kinect as the cheaper alternative a la PS2.

What about the core gamer? MS won't interfere with theirs & Epic's sales so I don't expect to see any 720X/X3OX announcements til E3. MS knows most 360 core gamers are ready to move on so I expect to see something soon after. Spring 2012 (NA) with the Fall slated for EU seems about right.

corneliuscrust2960d ago

But no one can deny that this year, MS jumped the shark. They dun goofed.

outrageous2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

Article is nothing but a fanboy rant hiding the FACT Sony really stunk it up this year with bad games and it's only September and there is nothing to look forward to but another LbP and a car sim...O_o

The hardcore gamer was well fed this year on 360 and is still being well fed with the biggest 360 FPS game a week away from launching as well as one of the top 360 selling RPG's in Fable 3. CoD Black Ops with time exclusive multi-player maps and Kinect in November. Plus M$ getting back into PC gaming in a big way and if that wasn't enough how about Windows phone 7 with XBL M$ is gonna all out THIS YEAR and they have the dial on 11. How can anyone criticize this line up???

Look at the hardcore line up you could have for $

Mass Effect 2 ( still releasing DLC for this GOTY nominee )
Metro 2033
splinter Cell Conviction
Alan Wake
Crackdown 2
Halo Reach ( HELLO!!! )
Fable 3
Windows Phone 7 ( hundreds of apps and games )
ALL important Multi's ( RDR, Mafia etc...) play, look and sell better on

What does M$ have planned for 2011...Hmmmm...they are not telling. Gears Of war is exclusive to M$ but the quality of games in the first part of 2011 is staggering...Ghost Recon, Crysis, Bulletstorm, Bodycount, KZ 3, Forza 4 and Gears leading to E3 2011. Does M$ have no games at all for post E3 and holiday 2011???'t cry when they are announced.

jetlian2960d ago

outrageous you didn't have to do them like that lol. They like knowing and waiting for years. Every year 360 has 3-4 major releases. Gears 3 and forza 4/kinect are the knowns so far. kingdoms may make 2011 but not to sure.

could see another left4 dead or rpg from mistwalker seeing as they are supposed to make 3 360 games.

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xYLeinen2960d ago

Expect to pay a lot for Xbox live in the future.

OSU_Gamer2960d ago

yeah because they have a history of increasing their XBL price... FAIL

Hands Up For Games2960d ago

How Far Will Microsoft Go To Make A Buck?

About as far as any sensible BUSINESS.

They are in it to make money after all, for them and their shareholders, just like every other big blue chip company out there.

Profit is King and there is nothing wrong with that.

xxLuckyStrike2960d ago

profit is king 100%. Just dont burn down the bridge that got you to the bank...

Stealth20k2960d ago

They have no game exclusives really outside of kinect.....

OSU_Gamer2960d ago

It just funny that people think Sony cares more about their customer than they do about making a profit.

madpuppy2960d ago

But, they are smart when it comes to the Playstation brand (usually)
They know that the core gamer is what keeps them profitable through a good and bad economy, the casuals are a fickle bunch that will just stop buying games and paying for XBL at the drop of a hat for any number of reasons.

I lament that fact that Microsoft is following this path personally, Sony needs an equal competitor to keep themselves sharp, providing more for their customer to keep relevant against competitors.

FarEastOrient2960d ago

As a shareholder of Microsoft, their run for money isn't good at all and the stock price is abysmal in comparison to their competition. In the past 5 years the share price is pretty much flatline, unlike Nintendo, Apple, or Goggle they have not only gone up in price but the companies as a whole has gone up.

OSU_Gamer2960d ago


I agree that they are smart, but as an example, a lot of fanboys on this website think Sony made a concious decision to not charge for PSN because they care about gamers.

That is complete BS. IF they could charge they would. Because they came in late to the online service game they had no choice but to make it free, and they still couldn't get away with charging. And since they can't charge, the same fanboys somehow have set the online console service standard to $0, just because thats the pirce that Sony is charging for their service, which is all based on the fact that they have been playing catch up (online service-wise) up until recently.

MS is getting ripped on by fanboys because they aren't completely dropping the online fee for a service that has record number of users and has never been better, not to mention it is the first time they have increased the price. Did they increase the price when they had a complete monoply over online console gaming a few years ago? No. But somehow they are still greedy for making an already dirt cheap service a little less dirt cheap.

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iamnsuperman2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

Profit is great but ignoring your core supporter to make a quick buck isn't good business. Ignoring the core means that they are more likely to spend money on other consoles because of them being ignored for a casual peripheral.....The might make money off the casual which is great but having loyal supports leaving (probably more likely to buy live compared to the casual gamers) because no new hard core games come out its just bad business

Stealth20k2960d ago

Exactly the ps3 has about 25-35 new exclusives coming while the 360 has 10(crytek exclusive, and 9 kinect games)

thisguywithhair2960d ago

Profit is king, and every company should do all that they can to attain it. What is MS doing?

divideby02960d ago

BS...Name one other company that openly lied about their product "failure rates are within industry standards and put up a billion for their lie"

start naming the companines...even BP with the gulf oil spill was more forth commning

Silver3602960d ago

when they knew it was over 100,000 barrels a day. Sony lied about PS2 disk drive failures. They all do it to limit liability.the more they admit to being at fault the more they can be sued for.

jetlian2960d ago

but MS fixed the problem and no i'm not talking about rrod they fixed the system for FREE and give 1 month live too. What sony give for DRE and all the hardware failures?! NADA you pay us is sonys stance.

Dust get mess up your ps3 to bad. Because they long since lost BC if it breaks you lose it.

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