My PSP & I : Old Friends Reunited

L J Hall:

The little PSP is like an old trusted friend with me owning it more for as an add on to the PS3 than anything else. However without realizing I am swamped with some fulfilling titles which have dragged me kicking and screaming away from my PS3.

If you get chance or for any reason missed these the first time round, search these games out as they are dirt cheap either in the Pre Owned Section of your local games store of check out the predictable EBay for a bargain. Adventure hats at the ready, give them some of your time.

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Chris3992964d ago

and the original Persona remake a bit ago. Wild Arms XF and Brave Story too. Pretty much anything published by XSEED for the system. PSP has been a hot-spot for JRPG love. Its a brilliant little system actually, with a terrific library at this point.

Back on point, YS VII is one of the best action/ JRPGs that I've ever played. The reviews don't lie, its incredible.

Tommykrem2964d ago

Minis is PSP for me right now. Especially since I got PS Plus.
But of course games like Dissidia: Final Fantasy, Daxter and Ridge Racer are all smashing. And, like my avatar implies, Prinny: Can I Really be the Hero :D

Will get Birth by Sleep!

Kors2964d ago

Did you ever finish Prinny: Can I Really be the Hero? ?

Is it really a difficult game as they say it is?