New Killzone 3 Demo Shows A Funny Mistake and New Gameplay

A new video of Killzone 3 shows new gameplay footage and a funny mistake by the presentator.

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Blacktric2964d ago

A "Helpful" bubble from me too.

Bobbykotickrulesz2963d ago

I want Sev to go Helghast and murder Rico :D

bjornbear2964d ago

we seriously need to boycott this damn site!

vote negatively for it by clicking the site name!

its a horrible site, always bugged out, and always has adware problems!

+ it steals its material from youtube/other sites.

AllroundGamer2964d ago

a good way to earn bubbles on N4G thx to those crappy sites :D just don't help them make traffic...

Hoje03082964d ago

Thank you for not making me go to yet another shitty German site. + Bubble

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KUV19772964d ago

One of the few games where sixaxis works as intended and a presenter waggles the controller like a mad man - weird.

Wizziokid2964d ago

he got there in the end XD

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The story is too old to be commented.