OXCGN’s Rugby League Live Review: Big League or Reserves?


"Rugby League Live is a game full of big hits, amazing tries and nail-biting matches but does this game belong in the big league or the reserves?

Rugby League Live, produced by Australian developer Big Ant Studios for the 360 and PS3, has been released just in time for the Australian Rugby League finals. But was this game rushed and should it have been polished in the off season? Let’s take a look."

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gaminoz2961d ago

How could they make a 360/PS3 version worse than the Wii version?

Well at least there's a Rugby League game on 360 and PS3.

BadCircuit2961d ago

I didn't expect this game to be a disappointment. I thought it was to be a great game. I probably won't get it now.

REALgamer2961d ago

I'm not into sports games, and by the looks of it this isn't the best on the shelf, but it's definitely a risk to develop a game that would only potentially appeal to one tiny market.

XboxOZ3602961d ago

Sports fans want their games to be a close facsimile of the real life counterpart, so I hope it does sell enough for them to look at the second iteration in order to improve it.

Belgavion2961d ago

well it's better than no Rugby game on next-gen consoles, I guess