GIAG: Metroid Other M Review

Think of some strange combinations. For example, Heston Blumenthal’s white chocolate & caviar, jeans paired with a blazer and Anna-Nicole Smiths’ marriage to J. Howard Marshall (this is going somewhere, hold on). As strange as it was at the time when Retro Studios were handed the reins to the Metroid franchise during the Nintendo Gamecube era, no one could’ve envisaged that it would turn out so well, especially from an outfit with no real pedigree. So here we are, eight years on from what many have seen as a landmark entry in Samus Arans foray into 3D we have another re-boot in the form of an unlikely partnership with Team Ninja…minus Itagaki-San, but plus Sakamoto-San (co-creator of the Metroid series). Is it a match made in bounty hunter heaven or should it be thrown into space pirate hell? Read on for the full review.

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