DSi firmware 1.4.1U released

Nintendo has released a new firmware update for the DSi/DSi XL today.

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MechaZain2962d ago

The DS is gonna continue to sell well for a good while if the 3DS is as hard to hack as they say.

Valay2962d ago

I think you've got things mixed up. A lot of companies, like Ubisoft, have said that the piracy problem on the 3DS should be much better than on the DS/DSi.

STK0262962d ago

I think he/she means that piracy is actually partly responsible for the DS' success.

pspgweber2962d ago

Nice.. thanks for the update!

Blacktric2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

Thanks for the heads up. Updating now.

Edit: After updating and restarting the system, it says my firmware version is 1.4.1E not U.

nikola9872962d ago

1.4.1E is for pal,and 1.4.1U is for ntsc :)

Blacktric2962d ago

ZOMG of course. Thanks a lot for the heads up. Bubbles for you :D.

Eamon2962d ago

Does anyone even update their DSes? lol

Nihilism2962d ago

I have owned 2 DS's...I didn't even know they had firmware updates. I doubt they apply or are required for any games. As with all firmware updates. They are thinly veiled anti piracy measures.

I have never even played a game online on my DS or DSi, yet the 3DS has an always on internet, how lame. I don't want no infrared up in my business even when the console is

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