Stop smoking computer game under development

Boot-up instead of light-up. That's the idea behind computer games aimed at helping smokers kick the habit.

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big_silky2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

Buy an e-cig, problem solved. You get your nicotine/smoking fix with zero risk of cancer.

As of today I've been tobacco free for 3 weeks thanks to e-cigs. I don't want to quit "smoking", I just don't want lung cancer :p

error162964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

I used Camel snus to help me quit, it worked very well have been smokeless and snusless for over a year and a half. Before i quit I had been smoking 1-2 packs a day for about 7 years

chak_2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

Same here, cancer was my "oh wait" moment. I just don't want to have that because of my stupidity

1 year and 3 month without a smoke.

Games effectively helped me stopped, as I was busy, but 90% is in the head. If you don't really want to stop, you won't

worm20102964d ago

think i'll go and have a smoke

error162964d ago

how much are they now, that is why i quit