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error162962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

Late but finally here,
Just in time for Sons of Anarchy Premier

harv0522962d ago


Daddy-O_242961d ago Show
morganfell2962d ago

What's that? You didn't want to update and now you can't log on?

PS3-2472962d ago

So many sad faces for the ones that didn't update.

rajman2962d ago

Those who still have 3.41 can still log in and play online, access store etc
Just be entering as their primary DNS on the PS3

LightofDarkness2962d ago

Contrary to popular belief, they can still log on via proxy, and there are a few floating around for them. And the PSJ folks have already found the workaround to the 3.42 lock-out (according to them, anyway) and will be adding updates to the game backup utility next week. Not necessarily a good thing, but apparently true. So let's not start the victory parade just yet.

rdgneoz32962d ago

"according to them", "but apparently true". When they show evidence, I'll believe it. Also, have they shown any form of custom firmware or PS2 games being playable (and not on a original 60gb or such that can play them already) videos?

As for the update, nice free stuff for PSN+ members, though wish there was a different free trial game. Waiting for Sengoku Basara to finish downloading...

PimpHandHappy2962d ago

apparently true.

those two words really dont work side by side unless you want to say

9/11 was really a plan created by Dick Cheany and George Bush... Loose Change said so so its apparently true.

gemc6662962d ago

Quantum theory Demo is pretty bad.... :/

bustamove2962d ago

Really? o_o

I was going to try the game.

DasBunker2962d ago

that was unexpected.. to me it looked alright from the vids.. gotta try for myself and see if it sux,

xyxzor2962d ago

They need to get a handle on their time management skills. Every week it's a different time, really not acceptable this late.

DarkTower8052962d ago

Because I didn't realize there was a timeframe here. All Sony said was there would be updates on Tuesdays, they never stated a specific time. So stop being a big crybaby and drop the self pretentious attitude.

Meowhammad2962d ago

I'd rather pay $59.99 a year for a specific time and day.

rdgneoz32962d ago

@Meowhammad Tuesday before 11:59 pm? That specific enough? :P
And I'd rather save the $60 a year for a "specific time and day" for actual games.

shwiggity2962d ago

that's sad meowhammad, i think i rather get one more game a year

xyxzor2962d ago

It's poor time management skills. The EU side does things much better when it comes to communicating and having a some-what consistent schedule. It has nothing to do with me being self pretentious, and it has everything to do with their lack of professionalism. Not to mention I pay for Playstation Plus so I'm essentially paying for their incompetence. That's really not acceptable as a consumer. I'm not the only one who feels like this, and I certainly would expect people to want more.

fr0sty2961d ago

what a bunch of whiny babies. we're on a shortened work week, so everyone is behind right now. you should be at work right now also, but instead you're crying on the internet because Sony was a few HOURS late updating the psn store. pathetic.

Lifendz2961d ago

I think Meomahaad was being sarcastic.

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SprSynJn2962d ago

Someone mentioned about Memorial Day and that being the reason it was delayed. They had one less day to get everything together. So, it's not really delayed then is it?

Dsnyder2962d ago

Just glad i can get more GH stuff.

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