Silent Hill 8 Coming 2011

Original Gamer: "Silent Hill is returning for another trip to the place that only the Devil could love. Silent Hill 8 (working title) will be released next year to try to scare the hell out of everyone once again. Announced by Konami on the last day of E3, Silent Hill 8 will have the player control Murphy Pendleton, an inmate who is stranded after the prison transport vehicle careened. Luckily for him, it was near Silent Hill."

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UnSelf3016d ago

one cant help but wonder how a hill can stay so silent after 8 iterations

blind-reaper3016d ago

yeah it would be nice, but IMHO I would prefer 100x a Silent hill Collection with SH 1 through 4 in one blu-ray.


Me too. Unless this could be done by at least part of the former Team Silent (which it probably won't, I believe it will be Vatra's first game). If they could just get together Masashi Tsuboyama, Hiroyuki Owaku and Akira Yamaoka to point them in the right direction...

Silent Hill 1 to 3 are great and 4 is good enough, but after that... Climax' Ørigins and Double Helix' Homecoming wasn't bad games but they felt like devs were scare to go too darky, too grity, too foggy... And the urge to combat at this action games era... The games lost on the psychological fear side to get more "pick-a-boo" and "how do I kill this ugly thing?" kinda tension.

Shattered Memories isn't Silent Hill 7, it's Sillent Hill 1 remake (and also not a great one as they got rid of most combat you simply gets too conffy with it).

On a side note, this isn't new nor was it announced at E3, IGN UK reported it back in April!

TrevorPhillips3016d ago

This should be great, Homecoming wasn't as scary because it was developed by an american team..

But since Konami has full control of SH8, it should be great! :)

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Arsenic133016d ago

This is from E3. SO old.

kneebreaker3016d ago

It was announced at E3. Konami made it official that it's coming out in 2011.

SoapShoes3016d ago

Wow an actual good SH? Hopefully! 2&3 were the pinnacles of the series and I want another one that can capture what those games did for the horror genre.

skyblue142133016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

The first original 3 silent hill games were the pinnacle of the series, how can you have not included the first original silent hill game that started it all? The first one might not have been the best looking(due to the ps1's capabilities, and even then it looked good considering that it was a free roaming game in which there were not many like it back then). I also thought origins and homecoming we're not bad either. I have not finished shattered memories yet but will get to it soon, the reason why I have not finished the game is because of the lack of combat, and so far it is not as scary as usually the franchise has been previously, though that opinion might change if I actually finish the game because the story is pretty good so far and that is one aspect in a game that I look for(a good storyline). I think I might play some more of the game shortly.

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