Kinect dated for Japan, Final Fantasy XIII 360 confirmed

Famitsu has announced a Japanese release date for Kinect and has confirmed that Final Fantasy XIII for the 360 will see a release in the territory.

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Ivan Drago IV3015d ago ShowReplies(6)
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lowcarb3015d ago

I guess every little sale counts to keep them millions ahead of SOny for another 2 years.

fuckoffodion3015d ago

Those millions are shrinking. I'm sure you can't sleep well at night because of that lowcarb.

bustamove3015d ago

FFXIII wont help the 360 in Japan. Square's wasting their time.

CobraKai3015d ago

Hey, now tens of Japanese 360 only owners can play FF13

Bathyj3015d ago

Hey, you stole my joke.

I was going to say both XB owners in Japan must be thrilled.

iamtehpwn3015d ago

who are super excited right now.

djevolve3015d ago

To make some more money. duh, why it that so hard to believe.

NYC_Gamer3015d ago

well its 3rd party so it should be multiplat....Sony owns enough studios to not care about sharin 3rd party software

Ilikegames763015d ago

announced that it is exclusive only to the PS3 in Japan in the first place. It shows that they are not honest with their words. Anyway, I'm not surprised with that announcement if it's true.

jackdoe3015d ago

Square Enix did that to get free advertising dollars from Sony. Still, they should have had the tagline "Only For PS3 in Japan For Now".

jokia0053015d ago

If there was not xbox360,everybody would be happy.
MS should be banned from game industry.

coolbeans3015d ago

By everybody you mean PS3 fanboys, I'm sure. Anybody who's sane knows what more competition does for the industry.

Lets-Game3015d ago

i do rather have sega or atari than ms. ms really does hurt gaming.

Moerdigan3015d ago

Competition is great if you main the PS3. If you're on 360, it does not appear that competition in the industry makes things better off. that's just how it looks to me.

Just by how MS does things in general, I temped to day that Sony should be thankful to have a rival like them, because MS's business easily made people forget how unpopular Sony was in 2006, despite MS's advantage earlier this gen.

Ilikegames763015d ago

did some good for the industry. But now that it's under Ballmer, it's another story. I don't hate MS as a corporation, but some of the people who resort to FUD and dirty tactics are really despicable.

djevolve3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

Bone head ps3 fanboys that think sony should be the only console. they would be rapeing your arse over the coals even more.

If it was wasn't for M$ you would still be paying 600 a console and your online would be able to play sometimes.


So lets see how many ps3 fools I piss off.

either way I hope both M$ and sony make millions and duke it out for years to come. I just hope sony finishes 3rd so I can come here and hear the butt hurt ps3 fans spinning stories out of there falling tears. Just as vince says," your going to love my nuts"...

Gilliand3015d ago

Your just the opposite side of those retards, but, still a retard.

Competition is great, in the end the gamers win, if only the ps3 released or wii or 360, it probably would be the same price, have the same features unless charge for (netflix, hulu+) no major firmware updates (still having blades/no ingame XMB) The only evolution the single console would get would be from the game developers. Even last generation competition helped out because they all took things from one another which improved online infrastructure, storage options ie memory cards not being prevalent.

No matter what field, competition is one of the best things about capitalism.

big_silky3015d ago

You are g-damn right man. Every day they're bragging "oh so effin many AAA exclusives, however will I afford them all?" Yet instead of playing all these amazing games they sit here trolling every effin 360 article every effin day, day after day the same people troll troll troll. Stop worrying about Halo, stop worrying about Kinect and go play your stack of "omfg amazing AAA" games instead of posting everytime Microsoft farts. Friggin ps3-only owners care more about the 360 than 360 owners themselves do.

etownone3015d ago

thank you DJEVOLVE

i'm reading comment after comment of how MS is hurting the industry??
and i'm thinking to myself, are these kids? or really that stupid?

n4g is overrun by sony loyalist sad to say, but its good to hear someone speak up once in a while.

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