Is Halo Reach ten times better than Halo 3? (Interview with exec producer Joseph Tung)

GGG: We recently caught up with Halo Reach's executive producer, Joseph Tung, at a preview event in Microsoft's Sydney office.

We quizzed Tung about the game's multiplayer mode, Forge World, the genesis of the jetpack, his favourite Halo weapon and the ending of Halo Reach's campaign.

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csimpson2963d ago

Nice interview. Glad to see that Bungie's swansong looks like the best Halo game yet.

number472962d ago

Still the same amount of players online right?

jdktech20102962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

yea...Invasion has 6 on 6 so a little variance but I think the max is 8 on 8 which is fine with wouldn't work for Halo's maps to have more

Trebius2962d ago

Thats one of the very few complaints about the game, it's not hard to address.

002962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

Halo's the type of game where you don't need 30 vs 30 to make it fun, in fact it's best played with 4 vs 4 for a lot of tense moments.

number472962d ago

Not only can that be said about any game ( 4 vs 4 ), but what makes Halo's gameplay unique to where its not the type of game that could use an option of larger scale? Like Bad Company/Call Of Duty etc? just an option..

Its not as if you shoot a gun differently in halo, than you shoot a gun in another game, or pilot a vehicle in third person.

Thats an excuse.

002962d ago

that may be what you think, but I honestly don't think halo would play good with more than 8 vs 8.

EvilBlackCat2962d ago

I dont understand why they dont make the online multiplayer with more players. Thats one of the very few complaints about the game, it's not hard to address.

WHAT makes you think that a 30 vs 30 is fun? Imagine that in the middle of the fight 15 gamers decided to quit FROM the SAME TEAM.

30 vs 15 oh yeah thats a lot of fun right?

DelbertGrady2962d ago

I trust Bungie to set the right number of players and balancing for Halo: Reach. It's turned out well thus far.

I could mention a couple of FPS games that bragged about having tons of players in a game at once that no one plays anymore, but I'm sure you know which ones I'm thinking about.

Bring on Reach!

The Lazy One2962d ago

Halo doesn't work with just a bunch of players. It loses the super-soldier feel and just turns into a great big clusterfuck. Even big team battle in halo 2 felt like a huge clusterfuck sometimes on its biggest maps and I think that was just 8v8.

The thing that makes Halo's multiplayer good is that they put so much time into balancing what's there and still keep a lot of variety in playstyles without having to invest hours at a time.

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Sitdown2962d ago

that while playing a match...I have never thought, geeez, I wish there were more people in here. Seriously, why would you want 30 on 30..........the kills came quick enough in Halo 3 without it being overwhelming.

theonlylolking2962d ago

It better be since halo 3 was ok.

ELite_Ghost2962d ago

lol 10 times better... what do u define 10 times?

spankipants2962d ago

I've never played any of the Halo games but from what I've seen so far, it's going to be a killer game.

Can't wait.

GrrrlGamerX2962d ago

Meh, if you're not a multiplayer fan, you didn't really miss out on much,

grumpysmurf2962d ago

It's actually a prequel, so story should be pretty easy to follow, even if you haven't played the old games.

e-p-ayeaH2962d ago

let the fans decide i guess..for me it can be 100 times better and i still wont buy it xD

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