GameCritics: Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Review

GameCritics writes: "There isn't much else to say about the four-hour experience. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days would probably feel like a better game if many other games never happened, including its own prequel. Gameplay like what's on display here has happened—and was perfected—years ago. Intellectually, even things like the relatively primitive Grand Theft Auto III have provided better insight into our culture of violence and crime. With this series, Io Interactive continues to be caught up in a bad bromance they need to leave behind."

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Poseidon2964d ago

damn! they hated it lol

kancerkid2964d ago

Correction: Damn, that reviewer hated it.

Reviews are not always a representation of an entire site.

Hanif-8762964d ago

I played the demo for 10 minutes and i had to delete it before it corrupted my PS3 lol

2962d ago