GamesRadar: Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Hands-On

This is truly a case of where playing a game, rather than watching it, makes all the difference. The moment GamesRadar took control of Monkey, it hit them: this game is constructed with care and an energetic urge to push every aspect creatively.

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Chaostar2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

With all the games coming out this Autumn/Winter I was going to pass on this one but this preview has me second guessing myself. The way Gamesradar are hyping it you'd think Ninja Theory had their families held ransom! To be fair they do state that there's a chance things might not turn out as great as they say but still they seem fairly convinced this game will be excellent.

Either way it's at least back on my 'games radar' (sorry) and I will be reading reviews with a little more hope than I had before.