Epic Mickey - Sequel Already Being Planned

VG247 writes: Warren Spector has said his studio, Junction Point, is interested in further exploring the story of Epic Mickey once the original game is released.

Speaking with ONM, Spector said he’s looking to possibly turn the game into a franchise and hopes a second round with the renowned mouse will be released sooner rather than later.

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Montoya2964d ago

Pentagrams liven everything up......

N4GAddict2964d ago

That's cool. I hope they take their time with it.

A Cupcake for Gabe2964d ago

PS3 Move now or I'll smother a monkey to death in my FUPA!

tiamat52964d ago

Confirmed. Epic Mickey 2 Move.Just wait and see.

tunaks12964d ago

To everyone talking about Move support,
There has to be a big install base.
At the moment there are 35+ million wiis out there and 0 Move controllers (again AT THIS MOMENT)

PS3 Version = Lower Move install base + higher development cost

Seferoth752964d ago

You have to look at the two trying to hype it here. Both are known Sony trolls who are constantly bashing the Wii. In their eyes every game is coming to Move but then again in their eyes PS3 is already in first place. What I am trying to say is the world they live in is very far from reality.

PlayerX2964d ago

There are 75 million Wiis on the market.

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