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Stephanie of Writes:

"You all know that cosplay is a huge part with the gaming, anime, comic and overall geek culture. There are conventions in every region of the country, as well as all over the world to give us a chance to showcase our hard work and love of the culture, as well as an opportunity to just be who you want to be without the judgment of your everyday peers. The amount of hard work, money, time and detail put into these costumes is mind-blowing. Sometimes people get it to a T, and are willing to wear and walk around in the most uncomfortable things for the love of both their work and the games they emulate. (That Left 4 Dead Tank cosplay does not look fun to wear all day!)"

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theherp802962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

I dont, because cosplaying is for nerds! and Asians.

tigresa2962d ago

I LOVE seeing people cosplay. I've recently learned how to arm myself with a needle and thread, so I'm taking baby steps. I've made a nice costume, but it's the accessories and extra pieces/details that really get me. I am also not a fan of fake hair... Which I have to work with if I want to tag this Street Fighter cosplay as COMPLETE!

fonzii2962d ago

A good cosplayer is always amazing to see! I wish I was one of them! T_____T