Linden Labs banning Emerald Viewer from accessing Second Life

Starting at 10am Pacific Standard Time on Wednesday, September 8th, Linden Labs will ban the extremely popular Emerald Viewer from accessing the Second Life servers. Any Second Life users who access the servers using Emerald Viewer will have to download either the official Second Life viewer or another third-party one to continue with the game.

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Zinc2965d ago

It would have been better for Linden Labs to farm the work for their viewer out to the Emerald Viewer team. It would have satisfied their desire to have control and given the majority of users what they obviously want. They should have been more amenable to working together for common good and profit.

SactoGamer2965d ago

I agree. It seems that the message from Linden is "make a good third-party viewer but don't be too good, otherwise we'll strong-arm you out of business".

Too bad for Modular Systems. They got screwed.

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