Gas Powered Games: PC Gaming Is Not Dead

Gas Powered Games CEO Chris Taylor seems rather excited about the state of PC gaming. He even believes that the PC version of Dungeon Siege III will actually compete against the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions in regards to actual sales. Why? Because of Steam.

"Two, three years ago I would say the 360, PS3 version [would dominate], because PC was in disarray," he said in an interview. "Now with Steam--a year-and-a-half ago they announced 25 million paying customers as opposed to people who just created accounts. There will probably be 40 million the next time they provide an announcement--or 50 million. That creates an incredible intensity in the PC business that had been lost."

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Letros2962d ago

Ok Chris, just don't %#[email protected] up DS3 for the PC.

GWAVE2961d ago

The only people saying "PC gaming is dead" are certain console-only gamers and disenchanted former PC gamers.

Various people from the media have been saying "PC gaming is dead" since the PS1 came out. Don't be ignorant, gamers. Know your history.

MiamiACR2961d ago

We all know PC gaming is not dead, although they love to reassure us that it isn't by writing five or so articles a month talking about it. With 12 months in a year (Where I'm from at least) that is sure alot of goddamn reassurance, so after building a monster rig and awaiting 4 blockbuster games to release on Steam along with my extensive library of smash hit games, I now know all my purchases were not in vain, thank you guys!

jy_mrnd2961d ago

Happy to hear this i love gaming on PC!

solar2961d ago

"the fact that 70-percent of Activision's revenue comes from the PC"

that's a huge number.

Xfanboy2961d ago Show