Unsung Graphical Benchmarks (2/2)

aimassist: "An article highlighting various games that have great visuals that are somewhat under-looked...Without further ado lets get to the main crust of the issue at hand, games that look great that don’t really get a mention in graphical debates"

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Letros3870d ago

Metro 2033 is jaw-dropping maxed out in DX11, a really good game too, currently reading the book as well!

lastdual3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Totally agree. Such an atmospheric (and underrated) game. If they improve the AI in the sequel it will be amazing.

Letros3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Atmosphere is one element of games that is often overlooked, STALKER is another title that NAILS it perfectly, not surprising though, 4A games is part ex-GSC Gameworld.

nnotdead3870d ago

i heard the AI problems where just on the 360 side. is that true? be more willing to pick it up (next Steam sale) on my PC if it is true.

BrianB3870d ago

personaly i think Metro 2033 looks like Rosie O'Donoalds a$$, but Mirrors Edge, Alan Wake and Halo reach are gorgeous games in comparison but are never given the time of day

Kazu0 Hirai3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

The article is talking about the superior PC versions of games BrianB, not console games like the ones you mentioned.

Play metro 2033 on a high end PC with DX11 and it will be one of, possibly the best looking video game you've ever seen.

Letros3870d ago

Yea the DX9, low res texture, 720p version you played surely does look like Rosie's behind, I'll agree to that.

hoops3870d ago

Metro is the best looking game this generation bar none. It just takes a killer rig to run it.
Play it on a capable PC and you will laugh at games like KZ2, KZ3, Uncharted 2, gears 3, Halo:Reach....or any other console game period.

HBK6193870d ago

Actually XBOX 360 and PC...not so wise. :P

N4BmpS3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Yeah seriously where did he get his info from? A "wise man"? lol oh well we all aren't right on info but Metro 2033 was announced to be coming to PS3 but I think that was more of a rumor.

aceofspades3870d ago

what the hell is metro 2033?

dirthurts3870d ago

Squats on your PS3. So seriously, don't be talking about how powerful that little thing is. The PS3 doesn't own sheet. Maybe a ps2 actually...

awiseman3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

and its graphix is pretty good notice how ps3 fanboyz thumb down Letros cuz he says that the game looks good there mad cuz its on their console imn about to get thumbs down to for stating the truth

Edit: This article is incoreect Metro 2033 is only on PC its not on comsoles.

Unicron3870d ago

Oh god you all need to stop. The only thing worse than the fanboys on here are the people acting like goddamn victims in EVERY thread.

Give it a f***ing rest.

awiseman3870d ago

idc care that much to cuz i cant afoord a pc good enuf to play that game anytime soon

siyrobbo3870d ago

funny how ive played it on my 360

pr0digyZA3870d ago

@ awiseman don't be ignorant metro 2033 is on 360.

Metro is definitely an amazing looking game when cranked up to max, atmosphere is second to none. really looking forward to the sequel.

dirthurts3870d ago

You're not as wise as you believe. It is indeed on 360, and please please, try to type in a way that is coherent.

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neogeo3870d ago

Yes I'm playing Metro 2033 now and I love it. I'm shocked this got a bad review because it did nothing different according to IGN. I love the completely original story and the lighting effects are the best I have ever seen on any game. Also Its running on a brand new engine never before seen so its a nice change. Its looks much better on PC. The GTX 460 will run this game maxed out on direct x 11 no problem and only $199

Kazu0 Hirai3870d ago

Stop misleading people. Yes the GTX 460 may run the game maxed out but unless you like sub-20fps then you better get a second 460 or dial down the settings. You cannot max out the game with a single 460 and get playable frame rates.

Darkfocus3870d ago

that really depends on what resolution you run it at but at 1280*720 a 460 can handle max no problem.

Kazu0 Hirai3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

yeah I should've specified resolution. I meant 1920x1080, the highest res most gamers will max out on.

There is no way a 460 is good enough. a 480 yes, not a 460. neogeo needs to do a little research. go to any respectable PC site and look at benchmarks for Metro 2033.

STONEY43870d ago

Well, if he means maxed out as in DX11, no, the DX11 options really kill the framerate. Otherwise, a 460 should run it with good framerates with everything else maxed out, and it still looks insanely good.

peowpeow3869d ago

Got a GTX 460 coming in a few days! Already bought Metro 2033 too haha

neogeo3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

where do you get your facts? misleading people?
I will own you starting now. I do need to correct one thing. The card is $220 for the 1 gig not $199, other then that your 100% wrong the gtx 460 is a monster and can be clocked to 900mhz. It can run every game ever made at max setting. I have the benchmarks. Its even faster then the gtc 475 when overclocked.
chek it out running above 1080p maxed, with no over-clocking now crysis.

now go check this.

TABSF3869d ago

neogeo is right

A GTX 460 on Mafia II does prove its mite

GTX 460 stock 675MHz/1350MHz/3600MHz got 55.4FPS on the Benchmark
GTX 460 OCed 845MHz/1690MHz/4200MHz got 67.4FPS on the Benchmark

Same RIG, it just proves how bad ass the GF104 is.
The scaling is amazing and so is SLi scale for 2 cards you get around 187% scaling

Compare that to AMD Radeon HD 5850

HD 5850 Stock 725MHz/4000MHz got 43.6FPS on the Benchmark
HD 5850 OCed 800MHz/4800MHz got 47.1FPS on the Benchmark

Same RIG agian, the scaling its really poor only 3.5FPS for the overclock and in CrossfireX scaling 2 HD 5850 you only get around 150% scaling

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