Is the Wii Still Not “Hardcore” Enough?

"After years of being maligned as a casual platform, will the Wii get some recognition as a hardcore system?"

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athmaus2965d ago

hmmm i like this artivle alot rasing lots of good questions

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TheSanchezDavid2965d ago

This was an excellent read. Personally, I'm a huge Wii fan, and that's in no way because of the busload of BS shovelware that's constantly released. I enjoy the Wii for games like Super Smash Bros. Brawl, No More Heroes, Super Mario Galaxy, the recently released Metroid: Other M, and MadWorld. Games like that are designed for both longtime Nintendo fans and hardcore gamers.

In terms of WiiWare, a lot of solid indie games are given a platform to be showcased on. Cave Story and Furry Legends are among my favorite downloads for the Wii. And while the Virtual Console has been somewhat lacking lately (by lacking I of course mean almost entirely absent), there are dozens of great old-school titles worth downloading.

DA_SHREDDER2965d ago

keep it simple man, Seriously, with games like Mario Galaxy 2 and The other M do you really need to explain yourself further? Forget what these douche bag wanna be gamer journalist think. They wouldn't know a good game if it slap them in their face and called them mama. Just enjoy the games,, thats what they are there for. No need to set up a defense perimeter and go on why the Wii is great. Personally, i think the Wii is better than the 360 cause at least the Wii has exclusives that I want, and the virtual console is great too. If I need HD i just go with the ps3.

Samus HD2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

you are totally right
The nintendo (Wii exlusives) Games are what makes the Wii better than xbox 360 and ps3.
they are the best games - ps3 and 360 wish to have them

look..... ps3 and 360 are great hardware (like 120 GB free space, DVD player, blue ray player, HD graphic,....)
Wii has only motion controls And Nintendo Games, like SSBB, Mario, Zelda Samus Wario.......)

PS3, 360 = Great hardware

Wii= Most Fun

ChickeyCantor2965d ago

You forgot to run away....


Who is the Girl of the Picture?

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Ozarot2965d ago

To me, the Wii is not a hardcore gamer console, although it has some hardcore gamer games like Super Smash Bros Brawl.

I cannot identify Mario Galaxy 2 or Other M to be hardcore games despite MG2 being extremely good.

pippoppow2965d ago

Hardcore to mean means games that have depth and high production values. I'd say Mario, Zelda and Metroid along with some others are what would be games that would require time and skill to beat.

Nintendo hasn't really been about hardcore gaming since the SNES days. It is clear that Nintendo's focus is more for the kids and party gamers with some games for their long time fans.

If hardcore type gaming experiences are your preferred type of games, look elsewhere.

n4f2965d ago

depending of the definition, some say that hardcore has to be 1080p 7.1 dolby digital true surround , advance shadowing, multiplayer, sandbox/fps with blood gore sex bad language, brand new 3d effect, motion(i though this one was for kids or just a fad!),trophy/achievement, patch/dlc/title update

other say it has no meaning or lost his meaning

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