Dead Space 2 Multiplayer set for GTTV reveal

GamerZines writes:

Geoff Keighley has just unveiled that the next episode of Gametrailers TV is due to present the exclusive reveal for the Multiplayer portion of EA and Visceral Games' hugely anticipated horror title, Dead Space 2.

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2962d ago
lastdual2962d ago

Are two things that just don't go together. I won't complain as long as we get a lengthy and worthwhile single-player campaign, but this just seems like such a "corporate bullet-point" decision to tack onto a game like Dead Space.

LeShin2962d ago

Multiplayer in Resident Evil 5 totally ruined the 'horror' aspect. Might as well be Army of Two in Africa!

AntoineDcoolette2962d ago

Dead Space is still a single player game though... -.- It has a separate multiplayer mode. I just hope it doesn't derail the single player mode.

Timesplitter142962d ago

Unless it's Co-op.

Co-op horror is always awesome

qadsia1232962d ago

Uncharted 2 proved the formula can work with games that seem MP only and when your the necrmancer the horror effect will still be there I know ill be jumping some MOFOS!

ArchangelMike2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

I'm guessing the multiplayer will be like Left 4 Dead, where some will play as the Necromorph while others play as the engineers. If implemented well it could be really cool!

JohnApocalypse2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

That is what most people are thinking that too

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