OXM UK: Halo: Reach Preview

Bungie are bullish; they've got something to prove, a crown to reclaim.

Halo 3 was three long years ago now, and with the technically jaded ODST (an expansion pack in all but RRP) their only recent offering, who could blame Bungie for being oh so quietly freaked out by the likes of Gears of War 2 and Modern Warfare 2? But you can't keep a good dev down, and within minutes of grabbing a controller the eulogies were flowing.

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TROLL EATER2990d ago

HALO REACH will reclaim their rightful crown

EvilBlackCat2989d ago

I know that Duke Nukem is also called the King but tell me which Console FPS Multiplayer game out there have so many people playing every day and tell me wich game out there is more fun than this one?

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002990d ago

only one week left.

King_many_layers2989d ago

So where are the Reviews ??????

I'm shocked their coming so late

ThePlaystationFour2989d ago ShowReplies(2)
turnerdc2989d ago

Just preordered the limited edition from BestBuy.

awiseman2989d ago

Halo ftw

If you gais need something to do in teh meantimes i seuggest u looks at the machinima series titled "arby n the chief" on utube its hilarius and will keep u entertained till Reach comes out.

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