Envoy to the Heavens

Most of the legends in Hyrule speak of the valiant exploits of ancient heroes in their romps against the forces of evil. Usually they wear the trademark green garb and cap and bear a sword with the power to repel dark magic. The trend is so overwhelming that it's a breath of fresh air when a story comes along that's not set in Hyrule, and thus without the same-old-same-old plot line.

In Twilight Princess, mentions of a hero of old were prevalent, but much vaguer than in previous entries in the series (here's looking at you, Wind Waker). Instead we heard a story of a messenger between Hyrule and the land of the heavens where the sky people lived. Link turned out to be the inheritor of that role in Twilight Princess, which raises the ultimate question: Is the Link from Skyward Sword also one of these envoys of the heavens?

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