Modified Xbox Spreads Game Piracy

Software piracy on Microsoft's new video game player Xbox 360 is rapidly spreading in Korea, casting a dark shadow over the company's fledgling game business.

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BIadestarX5386d ago

Korea, China, Japan, etc. They are all the same to me. They all look alike. Why would they think any different?

AuburnTiger5386d ago

The same could be said about all white people who can't get themselves out of debt.

highps35386d ago

Whoever wrote that article needs another editor. They linked the site where you can go to learn how to hack the 360 and rip games..

People can just search but dang atleast dont link it for them! Anything can be hacked though.

dikturbo5386d ago

With the amount of intelligence within MS, why the hell can't they hire a decent frickin advertising agency with the balls to tell these guys the way it is.

When was the last time you ran out the door to buy something you didn't know anything about or could identify with. MS has left the door wide open in the Asian market for SONY (and their incredible marketing endeavours) to roll thee guys. Terrible shame, but you get what you deserve sometimes.

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