PlayStation 3 beating Xbox 360 in Europe

Sony's much-maligned PlayStation 3 has defied the odds and has now outsold Microsoft's Xbox 360 in Europe for the fourth week in a row.

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Shadow Flare5090d ago

I guess alot of people saw E3 then

Sony put on a great show

alexander22rednaxela5090d ago

Remember; there has not been a 360 price drop in europe like in america, this will change drastically when it drops in price.

DJ5090d ago

The 360 price drop had a 3-day effect in North America...and then leveled back down to pre-price drop sales levels

Hades13375090d ago

There hasnt been a PS3 price drop in Europe; just a new bundle. The PS3 has had good sales in Europe since it was released.

achira5090d ago

yeah, but there is no price drop for the ps3 in europe also. it still costs 600 bucks. but i think its cheap for a great console.

masterg5089d ago (Edited 5089d ago )

4 weeks my ass.
It has been outselling since launch.
Check all console sales charts in Europe and you will find that PS3 has not lost one single week.

The funny thing is that this article uses VG Chartz which also shows PS3 winning every week since launch. Did they not have time to go back more than 4 weeks :)

Dig in yourself ->

xbox360migs5089d ago

No price drop for the 360 either in the UK as of yet

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bym051d5090d ago

And Singstar is coming out soon. The Euros apparently love Singstar.

Anything but Cute5090d ago

But rumors are that 360 is dropping price in Europe pretty soon. That always makes a difference.

Still I'm always hearing PS3 has different specials in European stores, to be honest I have no idea what's going on over there or how much the PS3 really costs in Europe these days. But An official price cut like in the US, wouldn't hurt.

alexander22rednaxela5090d ago

I am from europe, and in your currency a PS3 would cost you 1000-1200$.
Mine cost 1200$ or 5999kr.

Bazookajoe_835090d ago

How do you get 1200 Usd to 5999 Kr? It is more like 900 Usd. Jag vet att du inte gillar Ps3 och det märks, men sälj den och skaffa ett 360 då?

Dread19815090d ago

1200$ sounds prety much right if you live in dk. the $ is around 5.5 kr per $ so give and take that makes it around 1200 $

Bazookajoe_835090d ago

I live in sweden and the Us dollar is last time i checked 6.78 Swedish crowns, wich will make it closer to 900 dollar (884.955752 Usd for 6000 Kr to be exact) And the cheapest you can get a Ps3 in sweden is for 5800 Kr (855 Usd).

lalaland5089d ago (Edited 5089d ago )

In DK it's 4995 DKr for PS3, two controllers and two games...

That is US$ 906 including taxes (25% VAT)... remember to add roughly 10% sales tax to the US price as well (depending on which state you buy it in).

masterg5089d ago


Ever heard of Denmark?
It's right next to you and the dollar is at 5.40 here.

Bazookajoe_835089d ago

Well yes i have, cheap beer ;-) But i was responding to alexander22rednaxela, wich i assumed live in sweden since thats about how much a ps3 costs in sweden. 5999 Kr from i think it is and thats 884 Usd.

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sjappie5090d ago (Edited 5090d ago )

At that rate it'll take forever to overtake 360. We'll see what happens when the 360 price cut for Europe gets there and the new hardware arrives.

Disagree Wtf? How can you disagree with that?

Gizmo_Logix5090d ago (Edited 5090d ago )


But wait a miniute. I thought the 360 was soooo good, has sooo many games and sooo great on-line and $200 cheaper. That the 360 was going to dominat the PS3!

Guess not.

Funny that those Euros go out and get a PS3 which has "no games" "unfinished online" and cost "too much."

LOL! FTW PS3! And this is only the beginning.

Syko5090d ago

Oh NoEs Xbox is teh sux!


sjappie5090d ago

"Funny that those Euros go out and get a PS3 which has "no games" "unfinished online" and cost "too much."

Well, sony is still selling a lot on brand recognition, and I think a lot off people are waiting for the new 360 hardware. But in the end I think both consoles are selling like crap.

LOFT3165090d ago

but alot of people had faith in sony and we all know rome was'nt built in a day and our patience will pay off very soon

sjappie5090d ago

that it won't pay off in the end. I might get one when it's interesting enough for me.

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Lyberator5090d ago (Edited 5090d ago )

Why does everything have to be a damn flamewar around here?

Edit: Really? Even the tips section is full of fanboys. Now tell me that there's not some type of flamewar or people hating on each other in almost every section of this site. You just wait for this comment section to fill up. Even now as you look above me people are are being d1cks to each other. Funny that you accuse me of starting one when it's your comment above me that seems to be attracting a lot of attention.

sjappie5090d ago (Edited 5090d ago )

unless you're starting one.

edit: Yes, obviously you are right, but when you post that comment before it is really happening in this thread, you're kind'off asking for it to happen.
And I didn't accuse you of starting a flamewar, I think it is just weird for you to post that comment when everything was still peacefull and quiet.
In order for your comment to make sense, you were hoping for a flamewar, to make it seem you have the moral high ground, you little drama queen.

Bazookajoe_835090d ago

Youre right, and it doesnt mather if they don´t say it right out. They always tweak their words so it won´t show that they prefer a console. sneaky bastards.

I admit im pro Sony, but i don´t hate the 360. (I do hate the wii, it´s a hotted gamecube)